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How you doing?!

Me?  Well, I haven’t told you guys but it’s been sick-city up in here.  A few weeks ago, we all came down with some stomach bug.  I HATE telling people that because the first thing they picture is you crouched over the can.  Well, in my case, picture 3 little ones with projectile vomit.  I swear, if my life were a t.v. show, I would be busting up!!  Seriously, puke was everywhere.

Here’s where it got a bit weird.  4 days later.  I felt bad again.  4 days later!!!  Why???????  I started asking myself, “What have I done?  I’ve got some bad karma on me!  Some evil eye sh!t.”  Obvs, all very educated, rational-minded thoughts.

Enter a trip to The Gap.  Still very much in my “bad karma” mood, I found some cute, torn jeans in my size, sans tag.  I proceed to check-out and they are $4.97.  As in, less than 5 dollars?!?!?  God, you do love me!  Bad juju be gone!  I have been released!!  Thanks be to mankind.

Sometimes a $5 pair of pants is all it takes, huh?

Probably could have done without all this…


Anyhoo, remember we were talking about installation art?  Well, it’s Friday and I could use a recharge.

For me, I mean a creative recharge.  What say you?!

art_kellner_3 fashion156-rebecca-ward1-570x378 images 10.jpg passage2-640x428-5357 16 article-0-15DC085C000005DC-481_964x664 Aili-Schmeltz-Fire-Mountain-String-Art-Installation-via-All-Sorts-of-PrettyI love to look at pieces with humble beginnings (uh, toilet paper!!!) and see them turned into something amazing.

If you can make art with a few pins, imagine what you can accomplish with all the goods you got?!

Happy Creating!  TGIF!  Jessica



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