What do you think about Plywood?

So I know I’m asking such a personal question, but where do you stand on plywood???

This is like first date stuff…. I’m all nervous… Will you emphatically say that plywood is ugly and good for nothing, and then I’ll have to eat my dinner like a marine, constantly wondering when I can safely free myself??

Or maybe you will say that you’re intrigued and I can let out a sigh of relief.  Our little friendship might just be on the road to something amazing… plywood ponderings.


Private Residence

We could chat whether we would or wouldn’t!  Or maybe where we would and where we wouldn’t…

It’s like a 50 Shades poster… Curious???  About Plywood????





So what’s my recent interest in plywood?  Well, I’m working on a little project for the boys and I’m considering using plywood sheets.  They’re strong.  They’re cheap.  But are they beautiful?



How do you feel about a plywood floor??


This one is down right gorgeous!  Who’da thunk?!

But seriously, I think the ceilings are my fav.



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Whoever did this drop ceiling is a damn genius in my book!  What a perfect idea if you have to deal with that type of issue!!  It looks so much better than those polka-dotty things.


Now for the defining moment… How do you REALLY feel about plywood??

Would you ever consider putting it in your home?

It’s definitely not boring!

Happy Friday and Happy Creating!  Jessica




  1. PLywood is good if you treat it and put a finishing touch to it, raw plywood I do not believe that it look good or compliments any room it looks cheap, because it is! to much of it is not appealing, but Plywood is the most used by contractors as long as you give it afinishing touch is ok by me, Happy Friday

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