Olive, Yellow and Gold – A Sophisticated Color Combination!

Looking for a color combination that’s not only on trend, but that could stand the test of time?!

This just might be the one for you!

Olive is one of those colors that’s always in style and that can absolutely work as a neutral.  Yellow, for me, should have been the color of the year.  I’m loving it in bright hues (no buttercream, please!!) to bring in the sunshine.  Add some gold?  And it looks damn gooooood.

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bcae9e1d543ec1989704361e300854f8These rooms use olive for the wall color and yellow as an accent.  I love how it brings in the sophistication… You instantly feel as if you’re in a secret gem, one that makes you a bit smarter.

Or you could go another route… say you already have white walls and just want to introduce olive, yellow and gold to the mix with accessories, art, furnishings.  Yes, you could totally do that too!

inspirationsh_191_0 7b8e094b1b647c25a7b1a640292415c4 Olive-green-modern-curved-sofa 7-Green-Interior

And why do these colors work so well together?  Just look outside!!  See the sunlight glistening through the leaves and the way it makes the leaves look almost gold?  Well, there it is.  It’s nature’s little present to us.


How fabulous is this little variation?!?  Just add in the sky color for the full effect.

What do you think about this color combination?  Would you try it in your home?

Happy Creating!  Jessica


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