Runners and Gunners!

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Since last week I’ve really been thinking about runners.  Do you have a hallway with a runner?  Is it working for you?

I love the fact that you can get instant color and interest… but, then you have the cleaning factor, the slipping/sliding, and the actual picking of said runner.  Lots to debate and lots to ponder.  Oh, me and my rich people problems.  I’m not rich, but I try to keep all my problems in that category.

My solution?  To see if any of the runners within my grasp would work for now.  Here are 3 I had in the house already:


This red, spicy little number is from Urban Outfitters.


A black, rag rug option… a find on ebay for $45 buckeroos!


Or possibly this kilim rug?

Do any of these seem like the perfect pick?  Of the three, I’m partial to the black since it’s super long and thick – plus I can just toss it in the wash!

Then again, maybe one of these below would be better?




Radiant Ning Multicolored


Ombre Stripes


Grey/Bone Stripe – So many sizes!!


Animal Print with Border


Moroccan Black and White


Orange/Multi Rug

HELP!  What do you think??  Which do you like best?

Or do I go sans runner?!?!  (This the option preferred by the hub, who despises rugs.  Why?  When I love them so much.)

Maybe some inspiration runners and hallways could assist??

ChiVaPiano_HallwayRunner2 hallway-runners-6 21-1338-08-1 Green+Floor+Tile+Open+air+hallways+overlooking+okksphANC46l


99260a1b8cdd4041806b33fba6d4252e IMG_4370

It’s so hard to make a “final” answer, especially when you’re ordering on-line…though it seems I’m definitely leaning toward a runner with color, pattern and ethnic details.  That blue middle eastern bad boy two up, just kills me – it’s gotta be my favorite up there.

I’d love to hear what you’ve got going on in your hallway!!  Share some pics!

Happy Creating… and obsessing over the small things!  Jessica


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