Stage 1 of the TRIPLE BUNK BED!!

Hi y’all.

It’s me up in here… just making some dreams come true.  Just.

As if!  Right?!?

But seriously, if I were a little boy with a slew of brothers, what would I dream of??  No, not more Lego’s as the eldest just volunteered.  A playhouse/bunk bed for way too much fun and trouble!

And since I live for this crap, Let’s Do It!!

First things first was to prep the room for the awesomeness.  And a fugly air-conditioning unit was certainly not in the picture.

Here’s a photo of where I’m planning to put the beds, with the hole patched up.  Silly me forgot to get a before, but trust that it was not pretty.  For $150 bucks it was gone and this delightful hole was left in it’s place.

IMG_0189Of course, once you get to patching, better make it count… my one white spot turned to a gazillion white spots.

IMG_0204The problem with all this patching, is that I did this bamboo treatment over 5 years ago.

Oy vey.

Needless to say it took FOREVER to match it all up.  But very worth it (and necessary), if I do say so myself!

IMG_0236 IMG_0245It’s pretty tough to tell that there was ever anything there at all!!

Phew.  Pat on the back.  A little juice spilled for the homies.

Now for my favorite part!!  Inspiration, of course!!  Feast your eyes on these beauties I stumbled across…

play-modern-twins1 eclectic-kids bed4 playhouse1 fantastic-japanese-style-kid-playhouse SCOMMANDPOST kids-bunk-bed-childrens-beds-design-for-kids

I know that a bunch of these are for outdoors, but I just loved “the vibe,” you know.  Right now, I’m in the planning stage… formulating some ideas of what will work for the space and how to cram 3 twin beds into a corner.  (Without too much temptation for these wild, testosterone fueled beasts to hurt themselves.)

So what am I thinking… well, something kinda like this:

renderingIt’s rough and it ain’t all that pretty, but at least you can be in my head.

What do you think??

I always, ALWAYS wanted a playhouse and my gosh, I think I would have just died for something like this.

Ahhhh, living through our kids.  Same ol story, new day!

Some of you might be thinking, “Why inside the house??  Get those boys outside!”  And to that I will say, they have a swing set/playhouse thing already so it didn’t make much sense… also, they are addicted to legos right now, and I need a space I can commit them to and keep Arrow out.

We’ll see how that goes.  At least in my mind it’s all looking pretty exciting!!

Happy Creating!  Jessica


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  1. I am watching this with extreme interest and curiosity. I hope you do build this with plywood. I didn’t chime in on your plywood post so I will here. I love plywood. I think that when used well, plywood is as legitimate a material for good design as anything else. For me, the glorious versatility of plywood can be summed up in two words: Donald Judd.

    No actually, make that five words: Donald Judd and Tom Sachs. He’s done fabulous stuff with plywood too!

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