Tweenie Bedroom

You guys!  My dreams are finally coming true!!

My cousin, who is 10 years old asked yours truly to (drum roll please) HELP HER DECORATE HER NEW BEDROOM!!!!!!  Imagine me jumping up and down, squealing like a little girl – true story – and totally not doing my cool factor any favors.

3 pregnancies, 4 boys later and finally a room to decorate that doesn’t involve masses of testosterone.  Can I get a whoot-whoot?!  And a hallelujah?!?  Please!

And as if it couldn’t get any better, here she is in all her cuteness… maybe too much cuteness, if you ask her dads.  In this particular picture she has confiscated my shoes and (damn it) if she doesn’t wear them better than I do.  Doh!


Am I not the luckiest?!

Savannah, is a special tweenie who needs a special space to call all her own.  I literally can’t wait to get to swiping… swiping that credit card, that is!!

The direction she gave me was this… Purple walls, black accents and she loves XOXO.  I have lots of ideas, but first off, I want to get an idea of where my girl sees the space going.  Is she more bohemian, glam, romantic or sophisticated?  All with a cool tween twist of course!

Boho Chic


Peacock Chair, Boho FabricJewelry organizerInvisible book shelf, Console TableHello Gorgeous Pillow, Eyes Pillow, Floral Duvet, Fringe Pillowcases, Purple/Brown Rug (no longer available)

Diva with Soul


Black/White Rug, Ornate Mirror, Purple/Black Flower Duvet, Mirrored Console Table, Sweet Dreams, XOXO Jewelry Organizer, Red Chair, Black and White Fabric, European City Wallpaper, Heart and Purple Art found on-line as inspiration

Romantically Sweet


Love Rug, House shelf, Butterfly Bedding, Birdcage MirrorIso Satakieli Wallpaper, Tokyo Pillow, White/Glass Console Table, Rococo Chair, Flamingo Wallpaper, Purple and White Fabric

Sophisticated Cool


Mirage BeddingBird Nest Fabric, Rococo Mirror, Sl–p Pillow, Velvet Pillow, Soma Shams, Clare Elsaesser- At Sunset Painting, Real Framed Butterfly, White Throne Chair, Glass Console, Purple/Brown Rug – no longer available

Uhm, can you tell I spent waaaay too much time on this??  I’m just that thrilled…and grateful…Grateful I have her in my life and in my boys life to smack them around a little bit.

Anyhoo, get ready for some major DIY’s and girlie shit all around.

It’s going to be epic.

Happy Creating!  Jessica


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