$15 Thrift Store Friday

Hi All!!

So last Friday after dropping the boys off from school I decided to detour to a local Goodwill and just see if anything caught my eye.  Little did I know that there was a major sale going on… Yes, they have sales at the Goodwill!  And yes, there was a line around the building!  Crazy yo.

I was seriously shocked at how many people were waiting… that was until I saw brand new mattresses for $50!  And some really nice sofas… used, but super clean y’all.  Like, probably cleaner than my own sofa!  Anyhow, I’ve never really purchased anything “big” at a Goodwill, but maybe it’s in my future!  Confucius say, saving money is bomb… or something like that.

Anyway, I walked out spending $15 dollars and delighted with my little Friday jaunt.

IMG_2707 IMG_2706 IMG_2709So, did I get anything that I needed?  Well, no but still!  So fun!

The duvet I grabbed for my nanny who has two girls and ‘cummon, one always needs linens.  The military fabric is simply cool.  I have no plans for it but I needed to own it.  I’m a sucker for Christmas stuff, so that was a no-brainer and obviously, I’m also addicted to needlepoint.  I just love how it’s handmade – so charming!  And, Hello!  That bowl contraption, it’s really beautiful in person, although I don’t think it’s old or anything… I guess it could be… who knows!  I just like it!! The pedestal will look cute for Savannah and the vases, could you resist those?!

Anything here you would have snagged too??

Happy Creating and happy Monday!  Jessica



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  1. That is amazing!!! you are a great hunter and always find good deals I wonder where you get that from. LOl!

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