Campaign Dresser Update

Well hello.

How you doin’?  I’m happy (thrilled actually) to show you the 2nd piece to emerge from the garage chaos.  Let. me. tell. you.  It’s finally starting to look normal in there.  Pat on the back for moi.

So, let’s get to it.  I picked up this campaign dresser a few months back for $30.  It wasn’t in the best shape so I knew that I would have to paint it.


And without a doubt, I knew I would paint it white.  White campaign dressers are my favorite!  I’ve seen so many in crazy colors, but nope, white is what’s up.

I started with a sanding and a fixing of the cracked bottom…

IMG_3808 IMG_3809 IMG_3813 IMG_3814

Real glamorous stuff.

But totally necessary.

Then I sprayed it Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, which I had in the garage from something else.  High gloss BABY!!


Then I cleaned that brass like the Cinderella, that I am.

It’s so sparkly now!!


Right now it’s in the guest room/office but I may find another home for it… Although I do really like it here.

Not too shabby, right?!

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM


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