Moulding in a Bathroom

I know you’ve seen moulding.  It’s beautiful, amiright?!  But you may not have considered adding it to a bathroom.

Since I’ve got a budget master bath make-over on my mind, I’m thinking that moulding may be a way to add some architectural interest and texture to the room.  Right now it feels like the whole room is covered in the same material.  And let’s be honest, it’s not exactly the nicest material to cover a room in.  I need a way to make it, kind of, disappear.

One way I could do that?  Add interest to the walls – move the attention ova’dere!

Oh, la, la!  The inspiration pictures are VERY tempting!!

Jas Design Build

Tim Barber

Kelly Hoppen

House of Jade

Quarter Design Studio

So far, my progress in the room has been some wall patching, paint testing and I’ve sold the mini chandelier!  You may have noticed that I added a Chairish badge to my homepage – feel free to check out the other things I have listed!!  I don’t have a light fixture yet, but now the space is ready!!

Progress!  Whoot!

Lead Photo



  1. Jess, I love how your creativity flows. Living in Canada, I was always envious that USA had great deals at thrift stores. I recently moved to New York and we are renting a lovely place. I’m looking for creative storage ideas, but alas I’m not creative as you. One of the first storage I need is for DVD’s (and maybe CD’s in the same place or separate). We have a TV hanging on the wall so I’m looking for something underneath along the wall for the storage. The TV is at a angle so the storage unit can either be just straight or L shape. Any economical creative ideas for me? It will be very much appreciated.


    1. Hi Jenny!! Thank you so much for following along. I’m so happy that you emailed me! Without knowing what style you’re into it’s a bit hard to offer suggestions, but why should I let that stop me?! I’m currently in love with this Milo Baughman Cabinet,, which hangs on the wall and may be cool since it would leave the corner feeling more open. I’ve also heard great things about Article, Their stuff can really fit in with almost any style and the price is pretty hard to beat. If you want, send me a photo and dimensions and we can really get into it!! Talk to you soon! Jessica

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