A Unique (and easy and cheap) Way to Hang Art!

Got 5 minutes and a bunch of scraps lying around?  Then you can literally do this project right now!

Okay, wait.  Before you run off to forage and gather, this project is best for an art piece that isn’t too heavy.  In my case, I had found this paint-by-numbers sunset at the Rose Bowl for $5.  I loved it, but I didn’t know how to hang it without either framing it (boring) or gluing the back of it with brackets (weird).  Enter my genius solution (if I do say so myself!!) – This wood brace that will allow me to easily hang my art and then CHANGE IT WHENEVER MY LITTLE HEART SO DESIRES.  Ahhhh, I love flexibility.  And no holes in the wall.  Fist pump!

Alright.  Why are you sitting there?  Go gather!!

  • 2 Command velcro hanging strips
  • One thick piece of wood for the base
  • One thin piece of wood slightly longer on the top, to hold the art piece
  • Wood glue
  • A clamp or rubber band

Take the two wood pieces, ugly sides together and glue like so…

Let it dry.  Easy, right?  Once my wood thingie was dried I actually used my saw to cut the ends so they were perfectly straight.  You do not have to do this.  I’m just lettin’ ya know, k.  Then I took a sanding block to it for roughly 12 seconds. Not a lot, cause I’m lazy like that.  Attach your command velcros to themselves, put one side on the wood small piece and then stick it to the wall.  (I eyeballed the levelness, but a small level could be useful for a longer brace.)

You. Are. DONE.

You will place your art right on top so that it leans on the wall slightly.

I hung it as part of a gallery wall in Arrow’s room.  Those seagulls just kill me.  And would you believe there were 4 of these and I only bought 1??  I’m kicking myself right now.

It’s coming along!  I’m not sure I’ll keep it there, but hey, I can simply pull the darn thing right off.  Love it!

I have this vision of a wall of birds sitting on wood pedestals.  Wouldn’t that be amazing?  Or what about 50 polaroids in rows?  Or for party decor?  Gah!  Game changer.


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