A Painted Tile Floor!!

Well hello there!

It’s Memorial Day weekend and the sales are poppin’! I have been perusing alllll the sites but being so good. Like, even I’m impressed with myself. Wait, I did buy a few suits from Target, like this one and this one and, oh ya, I have this sitting in my cart. But you guys, those are things I need. Like my sister is getting married and gf needs a new suit – I’m needy af.

Anyhoo, the big news around here is that I was finally able to paint the floor!! Wahoooo!! Progress feels so good, because I’m literally dying inside to put up the wallpaper. But home improvement is worst than following the rules of dating… there are so many steps and you MUST go in order or else disaster. Walls first, then ceiling, check, check, now floor and next is adding the moulding and painting said moulding…I’m not quite there yet, but aaalllmmmooosssttt!

Painting the floor has been the easiest step so far. And man, it does look really good. I’m VERY hopeful that the stain will hold up to 4 boys and lots of guests.

I purchased a pint of this (Not sure if it’s really a pint, but I like saying pint and feel like I don’t say pint enough in my daily life)-

I also grabbed the white color and started playing around with some extra tiles I had in the garage. For the samples I used a foam brush which really deposits a lot of stain on the tile. I worried that it wouldn’t dry well, but it totally did!! You could pour it on and it would dry hard – might take a century though. I contemplated a pattern, but nah, it just seemed too much.

I mixed them together… and when it dried, it dried totally flat and shiny as if it were lacquered.

Even though I was intrigued by the lighter colors, I just didn’t think they went very well with the wallpaper. I was VERY drawn to the darkest option, so when the hub agreed, I started painting immediately! White would have worked too, but too safe, right?!

I used fluffy 4″ rollers from the dollar store and rolled that stain on.

First coat, then second coat… The picture above is after 3 coats.

I allowed a day of dry time in-between coats and dang, this stuff smells!! Like if you want your kids to get superpowers then let them near it – it’s rough for a few days. I tried to keep the door closed with the fan on as much as my energy saving heart could stand.

But yeah, it smells.

That being said, the stain feels like it’s become one with the tile. I’ve walked on it and pushed the vanity on it (I’m a daredevil, I know) and so far, nothing. But we’ll see… I have my guard up in this love affair.

Before and After

Not too shabby for a $10 dollar fix!

I’m so happy and LOVE it!

Next up moulding and painting the door. Wish me luck!!


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