Hitting Some Goals

Hi Friends!

At the beginning of the year, I made a few goals that I vowed to hit.  I wanted to grow my followers on Chairish to over 500, sell 500 items and clear out my overwhelmed living room.

As much as I love living with all my fun treasures, 6 extra lamps, 5 lounge chairs, 2 sofas, 2 credenzas AND a display cabinet (ALL IN ONE ROOM) was becoming way TOO much.  I have had to tell myself daily to not look or go shopping, because if I find something amazing I just don’t have the willpower to resist it.  As far as this goal has gone… well, not all that well to be honest!!  I still have way too many pieces in there and progress is slow, since I keep adding things when I know in my head that I shouldn’t… but the heart wants!!  It’s a struggle!

But the other two goals??  I’ve achieved them and more!  I’m beyond thrilled!  A few months ago I hit over 600 followers and over 600 items sold.

Holy. Nut. Balls.  That’s a lot, right?!?!

I’m so happy.


I figured it was way overdue to show you a few items that I truly loved owning for a hot second!  These go up to the 500 mark… I’ll save the rest for the next time.

This crazy, gorgeous Art Deco Armoire was so HARD to let go of!  It was really the perfect size – not too big, not too small.  And it was in near perfect condition!

I found this queen post-modern brass bed at a charity sale of all places!  Of course, I loved it for all it’s 80’s glory!!  It sold pretty quickly since I really feel like unique beds are all always hard to find.

Oh dear… when I saw this HAND-MADE needlepoint poker game table I just about had a heart attack.  It is THAT GOOD.  I mean, needlepoint + poker = INSANITY!!  I wished so badly that I had a chateau with a library/game room to fully appreciate this piece.

Here’s another show-stopper that took my breath away!  It’s a side table made of bronze and brass swans and tassels!  Can you even?!?!  I couldn’t and I had to have it!

If you don’t think borne settees are the coolest form of seating, then you need a good bonk on the head!  Ha!  I can just imagine all the fun flirting going on here!  It looks a bit petite here, but trust me that a good 4-5 people could comfortably lounge on this thing!  So fun!

I’m in California, so of course I never pass up a unique wicker piece!  These are so special with the sun ray pencil reed back detail.

Here is a fantastic campaign desk that is covered in bamboo and woven wicker!  It’s the perfect blend of business and beauty and would be perfect by the beach or in a boho home!  I just really adore the look of this piece and how perfectly functional it is – great file sized drawers, too!

Might my bronze monkey planter be a controversial piece?  To me, this was such an insanely great find and I wish I had a spot for it.  It’s incredible!  Almost life-sized!

A Joe Columbo Boby Cart!  Yes it is!  In such great condition you wouldn’t believe it!  I found this (you’re going to die) at a donation warehouse sale for a few bucks.  Sometimes I’m just lucky, I tell you!

This was a Drexel moroccan-inspired piece that has a beautiful green on the inside.  I actually had this in my family room for over a year until it sold.  It was perfect for the spot and sometimes I just shake my head that I sold it for such a steal.  Sigh.

Blue glasses – Yes!  Isn’t this just the most amazing shade?!  These went pretty fast since they’re so hard to find in this color, in excellent condition and from the 1940’s.

I have a real “thing” for these figurative book tables.  I almost shed a tear when this one sold, but then I found another one, so I’m ok!!  Phew!  This one was covered in leather – leather, people!  And had gold painted details on the spines and top of the “books.”

This is a pair of bentwood and bamboo etageres with brass corners.  I LOVE these!  They went to a happy home in Santa Monica, but dang, they are so great!  Bring on that retro 70’s!

Here is a STUNNING lamp that I purchased directly from the artist.  It’s made entirely of brass, but has a patina treatment.  When I bought it, I had him sign the bottom, which he just loved!  It’s one buy I won’t forget =)

This lovely painting was made in the late 1800’s as a photography backdrop.  The photos just don’t do it justice, but it’s incredible!  There are gold details around the border and has a wonderful cloudy sky with a crescent moon!  This sold to a professional photographer (to the stars) that wanted to hang it in her office.  Could anything be more perfect than that?!

A Jens Risom credenza – Oh yes, she did!  An incredible find that is happy in a studio office in Hollywood.  This is a piece of furniture that was fantastic 70 years ago and STILL LOOKS FREAKING FANTASTIC.  You can’t go wrong with great design from any era.

There are so many more that I could share with you, but I think I’ll just leave it here.  It’s a good mix, right?  Some furniture, some decor pieces… a little bit of everything!  And you can see that I’m into all kinds of styles – who says you have to pick just one?!


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  1. congratulations, on achieving some of your goals, I always believe that in order to be a good sales person you have to love what you are selling and you are it!! you love your stuff and so do we all. Proud of you and your achievements

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