Mother’s Day 2021


Yes, I am shouting!  It feels so good to have to a moment to do something fun and kinda meaningless… ah, old life, how I’ve missed you.  About two weeks ago my boys went back to half days at school and WOW, does it make a difference to have 3-4 hours of uninterrupted time.  My friend recently asked me how it was going and all I could say is that I felt like myself for the first time in a REALLY, REALLY long time.  I tell ya, these lungs were not meant for that much hot air and my brain was not meant to stand-in 24/7 as a dictionary.

So, Mother’s Day.  The day that pops up outta nowhere and makes you scramble for the perfect way to show mom you care.  Well, now that I’ve been a mom myself for over 11 years, I can say that mom doesn’t need a whole song and dance.  She just wants to feel appreciated, relaxed and well-fed.  I figured I’d share a few items that have piqued my interest the last few weeks and that would be super fun to use in the coming warm months.

Heck, I may just snag a few myself if they don’t magically appear on Sunday… especially since I’ve dropped hints at other ideas I love like indestructible, purple plants for my hillside, a comfy, new pillow or even a spa certificate (which how crazy is it that I’m thinking of going to the spa?!).

No matter what, I’m just so happy that life feels almost normal again.  At least, I’m feeling normal.  Shoot, there may even be a few home updates I can finally tackle.  Fingers crossed!!

As for these fun things, I’m so curious to try these shower bombs and The Ordinary line is very intriguing.  It’s so affordable.  What’s up with that?!?  As you know, I’m obsessed with t-shirts and hats, so obviously I need more of those and pj’s paired with indoor shoes are so up my alley these days.  I even added matcha, because like, is it time that I finally get on that bandwagon?  OH!  and if you have tried the pink LED wrinkle mask, you must email me!!!  You must!  Does that thing work?

That’s it for now!

I’ve missed you all and can’t wait to share more soon.

Happy Mother’s Day, to all the women who have literally saved the world this year!!  WE ROCK!

The Ordinary Skin Care, LC  Top and matching Shorts Set, Matcha Tea Powder, Ungrateful Children T-shirt, Baseball Mom Shirt, Ray Ban Sunglasses, Dermalogica Cleansing Set, Pajama Set, Shower Bombs, Indoor House Slippers, Magazine Subscriptions, Straw Fedora, DKNY Purse, LED WrinkLit Mask


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