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Fun at the Flea Market

Hello Friends!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite finds from the Rose Bowl flea market.  I absolutely love going to this!  It’s so much fun to see the crazy things that vendors have and the awesome steals that people are walking away with.  I go with the whole family, two strollers and all, so we get there at about 9am for the cheap seats.  Even though it’s later than my husband, Ed and I would like to get there, we still manage to score something fab almost every time.  Plus, isn’t shopping just too much fun?!  I have a girlfriend that says shopping is her hobby – You go girl!

So, I saw this amazing desk with gold drawers and rivets!  I love the thick piece of glass and round wood feet.  The combo makes this truly special.  Isn’t it TDF?!


We chatted with the sellers and they were asking $1,100 which may sound obscene by I really think that it was a pretty fair price.  We agreed that it was from a top designer and between me and you, I’m sure it’s worth way more than that.

The other reason I loved it is because it’s an easy look to steal and super versatile; you could use the bottom drawers as two nightstands or side tables, you could get a third set of drawers and put it in the middle for storage or tv console or whatever!

Here are some of my favorite substitute options…

24" Mayfair Steamer Cube with Drawers Brushed Steel
Restoration Hardware – $1095
Overstock - $501.99
Overstock – $501.99
Home Decorators - $289
Home Decorators – $289

Anyhoo, you get the idea.  Now the price doesn’t seems so bad, eh?  Just that honking’ glass piece is probably a few hundy.

Then I saw this super cool lantern chandelier.  I had Ed take the picture for me… and well, you see what happened…

He’s so funny!  He took a picture of this lamp instead of the lantern.  But you can see it in the back, to the left.  Imagine it in red or chartreuse or shiny gold…$150

You really have to look closely here.  It’s a small iron bird that attaches to a table to hold needles on it’s back (there’s a cork inset) while sewing.  The mouth even opens when you squeeze the tail feathers to keep track of your thread!! $65


This table and set of chairs fold up!  You can keep it tucked in a closet, which is so practical.  Or, if I were to go for it, I’d put it in a kids room.  I love the bamboo details and the fact that it’s actually made of plastic – easy to clean, easy to move around!  $80


The lines of this chest are rad.  I’m imagining a bar with swanky glasses and a decanter on top.  $250


Last but not least, this hand carved lotus plant!  This thing is about 10 feet tall, probably why it’s even still available at 10:30 am!!  It’s definitely a show stopper, but you’re gotta have the space for a beast like this.
Darn, didn’t get a shot of the bottom, which is killer!  Nuts.  I’ll get better at this – promise.
So… which one did I end up with??


Losing my Blog Virginity

Hello Big World… or just you two or three out there!  No matter, I’m ready to get this party started!  Just one question – How to begin my first blog entry?!?  Head first, I guess!

Although I have daily love affairs with almost every trend on the map, here are my top ten that I fall for every time.  It doesn’t matter what season, what the Pantone color of the year is, or heck, what decade it is, I will love these forever and ever.  Let’s see if any of your lifelong love’s are here…

1.  Hand-painted Wallpaper


At night after I pray that my boys are kept safe, I ask that I wake up with the gift to either sing like Celine Dion or paint like these De Gournay bastards.  So far, no luck.

2.  Red Anything, but especially, red walls.


This is truly one of my favorite rooms of all time.  The red trim on the drapes just kills me!  Maybe one day… when I don’t have so many wild boys running around the house!

3.  Mobiles


Maybe it’s the kid in me, but I just find them so fascinating.  Purely artistic, but what an impact!  Mobiles = Happiness!

4.  Animal Print Fabric


Yes, I’m absolutely one of those women who has worn every variation of this trend since birth.  I love it, I don’t care!  Look at this room (Diane Von Furstenburg’s) – It’s glamorous and powerful and sexy and yet, it’s livable.  Plus, it makes me feel badass!

5.  Blue and White China


Drool, drool, drool!!  Nuff said.

6.  The Hand Chair


This chair is just cool… maybe too cool for me, but I want one, I want one, I want one!  And yes, I would sit on it.  I would dole out discipline seated like a buddha on my hand chair – that’ll teach em irony.  (Or give them a “Grey Gardens” view of their mother!)

7.  Blue Lacquer

decorations events home improvment color orange tangrine Ladies Era (4)

Although I do really like lacquer in general, I seem to love the peacock-blue color the best.  And when the ceiling is done too (or at least in a bright color) – Fab-u-lous!  Easy to clean, too, so I might just have to lacquer my entire house!

8.  Chinoiserie Style Mirrors


Everything in this room is TDF (To Die For), but the mirror is the star.  It’s just sooo beautiful that I, literally, want to pet it…maybe kiss it.  Don’t judge.

9.  Sea Urchin Inspired Lighting


The light is a little bit glitzy, a little bit dangerous, and 100% crazy awesome.  I wouldn’t want the job of hanging it, but I’ll definitely take the tough job of admiring it.

10.  Big, Bold Art



Without the art, this would be a very boring space.  But that orange is killer!  And the dog ain’t bad either!  (Do you think they matched the wall to the dog or vice versa?!)

So, those are my obsessions in a nut shell!  What do you think I left out??

I have some great ideas for posts coming up – stay tuned!