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Feelin’ lazy today…

Just wanted to show you where I’ll be cuddled up reading a book today.  Sigh… I wish!!


Anthropology has the coolest stuff ever and one day I will make one of these (’cause the 4k price tag ain’t cheap)!!  I adore their sense of whimsy and the awesome prints.  Their style is a little too boho for me, but it definitely inspires!

Take it easy today =)

Colorful Photo Gallery Wall

Is it May already!?  This year is flying by and it is my mission to get some projects done around the house!  I’m still in the process of recovering our entire sofa – hopefully I can post some photos next week… or let’s be real, the week after =)

In the meantime, while pulling my hair out on the sewing machine, I was able to get these pictures up.  When there was only one kid in the mix, I had black frames put up of all his fun photo sessions.  Now that there are 3 munchkins, I had to either get rid of the sweetest pics ever or just add more ahhh’s to this side of the house.  Proud mama side won that debate over pretty quickly!  Since we’ve got twins that are identical I knew I wanted to have each boy have their own color theme.  I first rounded up a bunch of frames in varying sizes from wherever I could get ’em cheap.  I had several at home already so that was good, got a few at Ikea (of course) and the rest at Homegoods or places like that.

DSCN1148Then I grabbed some spray paint – charcoal and med. gray.  Half of the frames came out ok, but most had some bubbles, even after I sandpapered them a bit.  Grrr!!  Not only did I waste time, but now half my frames looked yucky!  That’s when I got the idea to use washi tape to wrap them.  It covered the bubbles/yucky parts well, is super colorful and not too expensive.  I got all the tapes from vendors on

DSCN1149You can see I have lots of tape!  I got a ton of patterns, but kept the color the same for each boy.  It wasn’t hard to wrap the frames, just time consuming especially if you want to try and line up the patterns.

Here’s what I ended up with!


Just the side wall…


I know the pictures are dark and poorly taken (I’m no photographer!) but I think it’s super cute!  I love the color in this breakfast nook that only our family uses.  And the best thing, is that I hung them using Command strips so if there is ever a new addition, I can either mix all the colors up or add to it, or get rid of it altogether!!  Happy Times!