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Ikea Desk Hack in Tween Room

Hi there!

It’s been awhile since I had checked out Savannah’s room, so last Friday I popped by to drop off a few things for her and surprise her with a quick desk hack!

You guys, these are my favorite projects!  Easy and foolproof!!

Last year I had picked up this Ikea desk for the foot of her bed.  Because of the way the room was laid out, this made the most sense for her.  She could sit on the edge of the bed and study or plop down on one of the cute stools – there was even plenty of room for some of her squad to hang out!

I’m sure you don’t remember, but I had found these stool for $15 at the Pierce College Flea market eons ago…

The chipped paint and shape really spoke to the boho vibe I was going for.

Well, now the space looks like this!!

I had some multi-color thin washi tape, and used it to make a bunch of sprinkles!  Like a yummy donut.  Homer likie.  The stools got a face-lift with 3″ foam and fluffy hot pink fabric (that was cut up from a pillow I bought at HomeGoods)!

I used spray adhesive to mount the foam to the existing seat, then glued and covered it in batting and lastly, I stapled the fluff to the base.  Then the stool got these cute feet added to make sure that they never scratched the new wood floors.

You even get a glimpse of the mural I painted…and why didn’t I take more pictures of it?  I dunno, beats me.  This picture below is waaaay over exposed.  Whoops.

I’m happy to see that she’s still using some of the pieces I created for her and it’s interesting to see how the room has evolved.  Kids just have their own style and seriously, some things that I thought were amazing she hated.  The good thing is that if she’s not a fan of donuts, confetti or washi she can quickly just peel it right off!

The transformation of red velvet

Hi y’all!

Remember waaaay back in the day when I picked up this little cutie for Savannah’s room?


I immediately dubbed her red velvet, since well, she was covered in (what else?!) red velvet.  The small scale of the frame and charming details sold me immediately and I thought, yes, Savannah would look oh, so lovely perched here putting on her shoes.

But as is?  Way too Victorian and not enough Taylor Swift…if ya catch my drift.

Enter two yards of fabric and about 5 yards of trim.

Oh, and just a few hours of brow furrowing over how the heck to actually accomplish it all.  Needless to say, it got worked out.





I think it turned out super rad!  I’m in love with the colorful heart fabric!  It’s a little bit country, it’s a little bit rock n’ roll.

More to come!!  Happy Friday and

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM

Shelves for Savannah!

Hola Amigos!!

Progress is being made in Savannah’s room and it’s finally, FINALLY starting to look kinda done.  Yes, it’s true!  We are still tweaking a bit (since she’s 9 and doesn’t die over all my flea market finds) but I know that we’ll get there ’cause girl’s got style, taste and more than a few opinions!

In her room, after putting in the bed against one wall and adding in a necessary bedside table, we were left with a narrowish space that could have become unless, or GASP! boring.  Of course, I couldn’t have that!!

In case you need a refresher check out a few of my other (12, 3, 4) Savannah posts.

Here’s the space I’m talking about…See that little corner by the window??


Maybe you have an awkward space too?  SHELVES!!  And for less than $20 bucks – Um, hell ya!

A few cuts and viola, styled with things I found around my uncles house.  (That seems like it should have been easy, but it kinda wasn’t.)


It’s so moody, isn’t it?!  That lavender is pretty dreamy in real life too.

Shall we make some super easy shelves??

I purchased a 6″ pine board, 10 ft long.  I then cut 5 pieces 20″ long.  Sand these and set em aside for now.

Then grab a 2×4 piece of lumber you have lying around… hopefully you do have some since you really don’t need all that much – maybe 2ft.  Seriously, you don’t even have to measure!  Make a straight cut across, and then 90 degree cuts from the corners.  Like so,

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 7.35.11 AM

You will just keep cutting like this until you have 10 total brackets.  Now grab your drill and drill bits – Time to make those holes.  **Make sure that you are prepared to drill into the “meatiest” part of the bracket at the top.  Not the middle, not the bottom.  Even though these shelves are narrow, you’re still going to want support.


First go in straight, to give yourself a base, and then drill in straight down.  Super straight, nice and steady.


You can even have your screw inset into the bracket.  It’s more finished that way.


Sand the brackets and stain all your pieces.  I bought this stain that looks like a deep purple, Olympic Stain and Sealant in Blue Sapphire.  You have to get it mixed like paint, but the color is pretty cool.

While you’re at the store grabbing stain, grab some long screws and anchors.  I had to get 3″ screws and those blue anchors (two different packages).  You’ll also need 3/4″ screws to attach the shelf to the bracket unless you are a hoarder of screws like someone I know.  Hint, it’s me.

Stain them – that was Captain Obvious.

Attaching the shelves to the wall is not hard at all, just put a level on top of the shelf and use your drill to mark where the holes in the brackets are onto the wall.  Then move the shelf away, put in your anchors and screw to your little hearts content.

This project is all kinds of fun.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

I found this lovely lady at Lamps Plus for $30.  Yes, she’s mass produced, but I’m still so pleased with that find.

And that’s it!  Raid your uncle’s house for treasures or hey, maybe just check out your own stuff, just a thought.  I’m curious to see how Savannah makes it her own, but she’s got plenty of room to play with and collect treasures of her own.


Cute and EASY!  My favorite kind of project!!

I think next week I can finally show you the rest of the room!

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM