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Let’s just chat…

So how are ya?

You guys, I have seen Holiday decorations out!!  I can’t believe it’s already that time.  Already!!  (Breathing into bag.)  WTF?  And I had so many plans and projects and just STUFF that I wanted to get done before crazy times set in.  I’m seriously going to have to get into over-drive and sprint to the finish line.  I think I can do it… Affirmation, affirmation!

I’m close to finishing up the fireplace – I’m hoping that I’ll get a few quiet moments this week and then grout next week.  That’s the plan at least!  I would have gotten a lot more done if I hadn’t been scooping up awesome stuff all over the place.  Look at this dresser!!  The top is a mess, but there is so much potential here, amiright?  The biggest issue is that it smells smoky.  I’ve put a bowl of vinegar in the top drawer, but if you have any suggestions send ’em my way please!!

As if that weren’t enough, on the way to pick up the boys from school I found this chair at a Monday estate sale (I didn’t know those existed!!) for $3 DOLLARS!  I love it so much and now I just need 3 more to complete my set.  Of course, I didn’t notice a small hole in the rattan until I got home, but maybe I can fix it.  Have any of you tried that?  I can show you another photo once I clean it up, but she’ll be nice and pretty with a little TLC.

And the sofa is here!!  I need to take some photos and share but I kinda wanted to get new pillows first.  The old ones look so sad on the new blue beauty, Smirfette.  I was contemplating buying this fabric, had it in the cart and everything, but it’s dry clean only.

I don’t do dry cleaning.  But I’m tempted to buy it and just see what happens in the wash on delicates… would it bleed all over the place and snag and shrink??  What do you think?  Too risky…

Project Runway is in full swing and I am, OF COURSE, watching and loving every minute.  It’s the first time they have a set of twins on the show and it is pure t.v. magic.  They are so dramatic, so strange, SOOOOO annoying, everyone hates them, and I don’t ever want them to get kicked off!!

As a mother of twins, I’m so congniscent of weird twin behavior so we can nip any traces of it in the bud.  I tell them, “Knock that weird twin shit off!”  No, I don’t.  Well, not yet at least.  But if I had to, I would.  For humanity, y’know.

Speaking of Project Runway, did you know that they have a clothing line?  They do!  It’s a little…what’s the word? Much.  Like an off the shoulder bomber jacket…hmmm?  But I saw this sweater and it’s kinda speaking my morning drop off language!

I haven’t bought it because I’ve kinda been trying to curb my shopping habits.  I’ve been doing really well with the clothes stuff, but not so good with everything else.  Whoopsie!!  Before I started my whole embargo thing, I did snag this shirt –

But you guys, I haven’t worn it yet!  Do little kids know what AF stands for?  Like, can I wear this to pick up the boys at school or to the baseball field?  I NEED your help!!  Thoughts please!!

And that’s about it.

I’ll check in later!

Getting Myself Out of a Rut

Hello my long lost pals!

It’s been awhile and I’m sure you’ve guessed what’s been going on with me based on the header.  Yup, I’ve been in a big, ol’ stinky, don’t feel like it, shrugged shoulders, funky-town, rut.  And it’s been no great helper to the blog.  Or my self-confidence.  Or my self identity.  Or that long list of projects.  Sigh.

After a few weeks of feeling “off,” I came to the conclusion that I needed to step away from the extra stuff.  Just take the pressure off, you know?  I still did a few things here and there, but I gave myself the option to binge watch The Good Wife, if I wanted to.  Freeing myself, allowed me to face my rut head-on.  Why wasn’t I feeling like myself?  And how the heck was I going to get out of this rut?!  You guys, I need out of this apathy STAT.

What’s a to-do lister like me supposed to do?  Ha!  I decided to come up with a list.  DUH.  Kind of like a 12 step program, for lame-o’s, to get my Stella groove back.  And then I thought (lightbulb!), wouldn’t it be even better if say, a few friends joined me along the way?!  Like YOU, hint, hint, wink, wink.

Anyway, after lots of day dreaming and commercial munching, here’s the list I came up with –

  1.  Retail Therapy.  Of course this is on my list.  It’s easy and damn it, staring at something new and pretty will make my eyes happy.  This will for sure start me in the right direction.
  2. Watch something FUNNY.  Watch something SAD.  Movies heal, y’all.  We can all agree to this one, right?

    If only we could all feel this kind of joy every day!
    If only we could all feel this kind of joy every day!
  3. Give myself a guaranteed win.  Will it feel cheap?  Maybe.  But hey, I deserve something on my to-do list that is easy, awesome and guaranteed not to suck.
  4. Get my body moving.  I’m thinking rock climbing, yoga-ing, cross training.  Shit ANYTHING at this point.  I’m sure that getting the blood flowing will certainly help my endorphin level, or whatever it’s called.  Those may be a stretch, but I KNOW I can at least do a video a few times a week.
  5. Give my kids a win they never saw coming.  Omg, how awesome is it when you surprise someone with something they were not expecting at all??  It’s kinda amazing.  I need to do something that will up my Mom cred, even if it’s a short lived high.
  6. Enjoy some time with my man.  It’s sad to admit, but we rarely spend time with just the two of us.  But we should… not just because I still like him after all these years, but also because I remember my other self… that (kinda) sexy, funny, daring girl, who’s still in there but doesn’t come out to play as much.  It’s fun to be her every once in awhile.
  7. Tell my mom I don’t feel good.  Mom’s (or BFF’s) are the best at pumping you back up.  After a lunch with my mom, my head will be so big it’ll barely fit in the house.

    My son, Cruz hiding his fear on the gondola and his little brother, Arrow, taking it in stride!
    My son, Cruz hiding his fear on the gondola while his little brother, Arrow, takes it in stride!
  8. Look your best, feel your best.  This one is really hard for me, but honestly it’s a difference of about 3 minutes in the morning.  Do I wear a little blush or go without?  Care about my shoes or wear what’s comfortable?  I’m really, really going to push for those extra 3 minutes so I can strut just a wee bit.  Or fake it… that’s also an option!
  9. Do something challenging.  What this will be, I’m really not sure.  But I think it’s a good thing.

    My twins getting a red stripe! They never give up!
    My twins getting a red stripe. They never give up!
  10. And lastly, when I start to feel down on myself, give myself a pat on the back.  (That’s a lot of myself’s!)  I DO work hard.  I AM a great mom.  My ideas ARE flipping cool.  Sometimes we are so hard on ourselves.  Why?  I was yammering on with a girlfriend of mine about some dumb room mom crap, totally caught up when I realized that ROOM MOM CRAP IS BORING.  I apologized for bringing up the most boring sage ever told, and my friend said (you won’t believe this), “Jessica, you couldn’t be boring if you tried.”  Friends, it made me cry.  That’s how eff’d up I’ve been.  So, yeah I need to cut me a bit o’ slack.

So, that’s kind of what I’m thinking.  ALL super fun things.  ALL really great things for my mind, body and spirit.  I don’t need shit right now.  I need HAPPY.  I need smiles, and hugs, and kuddos.

Wanna do the list with me??  I say we start NOW.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM

A look back at 2015

Hi!  And welcome back peeps!

It’s always fun at the beginning of a new year to take a look back… I actually do this starting around the beginning of December because I make calendars for the grandparents of all the special moments in the year.  I only use photos from the current year, so each calendar is truly a reflection of what we’ve recently been up to.

And just when you start to think that you really got nothing accomplished and didn’t do too much… well, you start to find a bit of photographic evidence to the contrary.

Remember when mi casa looked like this?


That is simply a faded memory now… I almost can’t even remember that french vanilla anymore….


I’m pretty proud of how it turned out… even my blue ceiling, which everyone said was a wild idea.  It turned out so cool and special and fun – I love it!


And though painting the house was a HUGE pay-off, I didn’t do it myself (thank goodness!).  So when I think about a project that was a challenge, in a good way, I have to remind myself of the triple bunk beds.


There have been a few updates, which I totally need to tell you about but we’ll save that for laters.  Just know that every pallet on the street literally calls out to me and I have to remind myself that I’m done with all that – Whoo Hoo!!


To top it off, I’m extremely happy with how a number of easier projects turned out!  This stitched pillow is one of my faves, as well as, this door


And these shelves


These shelves are reminding me to get my butt over to Savannah’s for some pictures.  Man, sometimes I am so lame.  Wait.  Adding it to the list… gotta finally show you guys!!

We also hosted a bunch of parties this year – so much fun!!  A Birth-thism, Ninja Turtle vs Spiderman birthday, Super Bowl, Tricia’s Baby Shower, Baseball birthday, Christmas…


And I even got the boys in on the action!!

So, amazingly (miraculously!!) I actually did stuff.  Whoa.  Load off the ol’ shoulders.

And the best part?  I had fun doing it.


My favorite 2015 moment?

It’s kinda a tie between hearing that Zander, one of my 4 year old twins, had a girlfriend name Mia Puji… and then finding out that there was NO Mia Puji at his school.


(There he is on the right.  This boy loves the ladies, but man, he’s gotta learn their names first!!)


watching Star Wars in the theater as a family.  Call me a nerd.  Call me whatever!  Tell me I have to get a life!!  (You’re probably right on that one!)  But it was so much fun!  The boys were ridiculous that day.


Worst day of 2015?  Definitely the night Cruz needed stitches (for the second time I might add) on his chin.


Boy, that kid’s face is like a floor magnet.  Or should I say, that he’s a doctor’s dream patient… always something, nothing serious, happy to get a lollipop.  Cha-ching!

Did I learn anything?

Well, I think we all learned that we need to guard loose teeth very, very carefully.  Reign’s teeth kept falling out and he literally lost 2 of them!  2!!!  And the tooth fairy doesn’t give money for invisible teeth – at least not at our house.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 3.54.51 PM

I also learned that, Holy Crap, I can sew clothes!!  It’s like a wwwhooolllee neeeewww woorrrllldd… Okay, they were costumes, but still!

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 7.35.32 AM

I was also reminded that I’m so easily out smarted.  When I told the boys that if they were naughty Santa would put coal in their stockings, Reign said that he was ok with that because he could use it to make a fire.  Shit!!


What does anyone learn then they have kids?  Don’t make plans.  Don’t ask your kids to perform on command.  Don’t try to create magic… Just let the magic happen all on it’s own.  It will.


So, thank you and good-bye 2015.  You were a good year.  I learned a bit, saw some stuff and did a few things.  I laughed – like A LOT.  And I cleaned up – like the most ANYONE CAN EVER CLEAN UP (Damn you humans with penises!!).

But it’s all good ’cause I have love in my heart and I am loved.  The rest is gravy.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM