Making the Bed – Domino Idea

Hhheeelllloooo Nurse!  Remember that old gem?!?

For the last week I’ve been reading the Domino Book of Decorating.  I’m sure many of you have perused it (or even read it).


It’s a beautiful book on the outside, which is great for decorating with it later, and has great photos on the inside.  I won’t say that it’s a wonder of decorating advice… it’s kinda predictable.  Not too much there that I haven’t heard before… but what am I expecting?  Only superhuman decorating powers!!  No pressure Domino.  Gotta step it up in the 2nd half.

BUT.  A few things have caught my attention.  Here’s what I read last night on the bedroom section, “The easiest way to combine different patterns (sheets, that is) is to make sure they share the same background color (such as white or ivory).”

It can’t be that simple, right?!?  Maybe, just maybe, in the sheet world, it is.

I investigate.


These sheets all have an ivory background – Check.  Does it work together?  Check, check!

Now, I did struggle to find great photos of just sheets, but it seems that the rule does in fact pan out.  As for the rest of the bed?  That definitely takes a bit more artistry.  A few suggestions from the pros… pick 2-3 colors and stick to them, vary the scale of the prints (so, one large, one medium, one small), however, keep the intensity of the colors the same.  I’m learning something… I CAN be taught!!  Like the photo above, the reds are all super red and the blues are in the navy category.  Uh huh.

All navy and white. Stripes, circles, large print, solid. Easy one, yes?
More advanced, but still doable in my book. Reds, blues, orange with ivory as the anchor. Art matches perfectly too!
Black and white can calm it all down, even in a print. This here was done by a trained eye. Yes, there is the pink chinoiserie theme, but the turquoise? Genius.

Now there this room, which is so put together and special. Yet.  The thinking behind it makes no sense to me.

Thom Filicia you are a crafty dude. Purple walls?!?! Say what?

So with all that said, take these suggestions and then just do whatever feels right.  It is the bedroom!!  Wink, wink.

And now, just a bed set that I’m loving.  I must share.  Cool people sleep here, yes, they do.


Now, go make your bed and lie in it.






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