Everywhere I look – Palm Leaves

Hi there Amigos!

Are you feeling the palm trend??


Not just for Tommy Bahama anymore??  When it’s done like the photo above, I’m loving the mix of classic and laid back… but I’m kinda still on the fence with this trend.  What do y’all think?

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Are palm fronds only cool in Palm Springs?

darren brown palm leaf botanical print wallpaper bedroom mid century modern moroccan wedding blanket green7

I do like when it’s mixed with gold and brass… it ups the chic factor of the print.  Still… I think if I do go jungle crazy I’d probably go for something more like this


Oh yes, that IS a palm tree chandelier.  Ba-dang!  Proof that the world is full of everything you could ever dream of and want.  Tommy Bahama take that.

And if you didn’t get that, I was totally kidding.

This print is more my gig… ohhhh, the shiny, sophisticated version…


Or maybe this classic colorway?  I can’t take my eyes off that BLUE CHAIR!  It looks like a gigantic hug waiting to happen.


Got any palm tree stuff going on in your pad?


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