An Updated Room for a Toddler

Yup.  I’m coming to terms.  I’m trying to get on-board the toddler train and accept the fact that my baby is now a “big boy.”  A fact of which he has repeatedly informed me of way too many times.

Yup.  I’m slowly accepting.  It’s happening.  Kind of.

To make it a bit more fun for the both of us, I’ve been thinking that Arrow, now two years old (Ah! DENIAL!) is ready for his very own room make over.  He’s been living in a room that was designed with the intention of having 2 cribs for his twin brothers, and it’s less than zen.  The lack of balance is hurting my little eyes.


Here is the room as it stands today.  Originally there was a crib on each side of the koi fish and a dresser next to each crib.  It used to make sense.  Now, it jus don’t.



Lots of gear for the littlest brother… there’s maybe 2 new things in there.  Gifts, of course.  I buy this kid a whole lotta zippo.



That’s the full 360!

And a lot of it’s going to change… I’ve just got to get my design on and find some inspiration.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM


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