Making The Old Vanity Pulls New


Hope you’ve all had excellent weekends! ¬†You know I’m currently loving the peace in the house on my Monday morning ūüėČ ¬†It looks like a freaking hurricane went through, but at least it’s quiet… amiright?!

Anyhoo, I wanted to show you a few updates in the powder bath and one that I’m particularly happy with- The new pulls on the vanity! ¬†Well, actually they’re not totally new… here I’ll show ya.

Here was my plan showing the vanity with it’s original finish and hardware. ¬†The pulls are actually two pieces, with a flower detail and hanging/swinging part that gets pulled.

I really loved the look of the little brass flowers!! ¬†But how could I keep those…????

My thought was to get an acrylic rod cut to size and use the flowers to hold it in place. ¬†I contacted this Etsy seller, 4CloverInc, who was super nice and cut the pieces down to size for me! ¬†Then I gathered these supplies…

The secret sauce are the tension pins. ¬†I searched high and low for the perfect size and ended up spending some $$ on these because they were literally MY ONLY OPTION! ¬†I use Gorilla Epoxy for lots of stuff, so that’s just a great adhesive to have on hand.

To make the holes for the tension pins, I used three different drill bit sizes. ¬†I started with a bit that has a sharp tip because it really made a great first hole. ¬†(That’s what she said.)

Then I used increasing sizes to get the perfect sized hole for the tension pin.

Aren’t these pictures awesome? ¬†Not. ¬†They didn’t look so badly on my phone, but now, yikes. ¬†At least you know this stuff will work – I promise you that! ¬†Once you’ve gotten the hole drilled, add some epoxy and the pin, and then let it dry.

The only negative was that the existing holes in the vanity were much too high. ¬†I drilled in new holes as far down as I could so that the patch would still be pretty hidden from view. ¬†I HATE when you can see patches… and then people act like you can’t, but you TOTALLY can. ¬†It’s awkward.

Yay!! ¬†But you can’t see the previous holes here… Phew!

There’s one little snag on these pulls, and that’s the clearance between the rod and drawer. ¬†There is not enough room to put my fingers through! ¬†I thought about adding in spacers, but then the flowers would float off the drawer front, and I wasn’t loving the idea. ¬†Honestly, these aren’t used very much (if at all) since they’re in a powder room, so I’m ok with it. ¬†They DO work, which is really all that matters… Oh, and they look cute as hell.

Slowly, (at snail’s pace) I’m making a few additions here and there to the bathroom. ¬†I tried to put in the wrought iron shelving that was in the original plan, but alas, it’s way too tight in the corner.

I do feel like something is missing there, but it will have to be A LOT more narrow. ¬†And the room is certainly in desperate need of art. ¬†It’s just that I’m scared to put stuff up and then I’ll find the perfect narrow piece and have holes in my gorgeous wallpaper!

The fear is REAL.

It’s kinda fun to see how the room turned out from the original plan. ¬†I can’t believe how close it is!

Any ideas for my narrow corner area?  Have you done anything new and fun in a bathroom?


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  1. OMG!! It looks Fantastic, I always enjoy looking at your photos, you are amazingly talented!! what a difference, I always learn new stuff, love the handles. and the whole thing.

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