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It’s my birthday and…

So, last week was my birthday and it was kinda a big one.


I’m not old per se, but I’m not exactly young either.  I’m thinking that’s why this number feels a bit different than say 33 or 34… not a bad different, just well, different.  Like I should be doing those things I said I would do for my health.  My gosh, that sounds like something an old person would say!!

With that in mind I decided that I would VOW to do two things every morning.

1.  First thing, drink a tall glass of water.  I wake up thirsty and then what do I do?  Drink coffee – no bueno.

2.  Wear a “real” sunscreen everyday.  (Apparently, products with SPF aren’t good enough?!?!  Then why do they make the bloody stuff?!?!)

And so far, so good!!

To treat myself, I also went out and bought what any 35 year old should have….a kick ass skin serum.


Caudalie Elixir  Now, I don’t know if this works (it’s only been a week) but omg, I lllooovveee the smell and the feel of it.  Curious what a dry oil feels like?  It really is a dry-oil.  I mean, it’s pretty amazing.

And wondering what my fabulous boys got for me?  Well, they nailed it.  I’m SO EXCITED!


I can’t wait to curl up in here, watch the boys swim and read a book.  Like a REAL book.  Like I used to.  And relax.  (My blood pressure just went down dreaming about it!)

It’s on back order, but I will share details as soon as it’s in my powerful grip.

And even though I got some fab-u stuff, yes, there were a few items still on my bday wish list.  Maybe next year?  Or maybe one of you will snag up one of these?



White S Chair; I think these would work well at my breakfast table now that we don’t have enough chairs for the whole crew, Bare Minerals; a glowing complexion?  Yes, please, GM Yoga Meltdown; one of my mom GF’s says this video is amazing.  I should just buy the damn thing right now for $8!!, Gaetano Petite Chandelier; perfect for my closet!, Paint brushes; Can’t get enough of these!, Router; would really round out my tool arsenal,  Mobile; SO curious about this – what do you think?, Cricut machine; Then I could make you some decals, wouldn’t that be cool?, Vitamix; because I could make one big batch for all the boys instead of 2-3.

Anything on your list right now??

Happy Creating (and treating yourself)!!  Jessica

Gifts for Your Sweetie – Valentine’s Day

Happy February Peeps!

And by that I mean, Happy Valentine’s Day, cause man, that crap is aaaallllll over de place! Who is gonna buy a singing dog thingie?!  Please, PLEASE tell me that isn’t you!  Sometimes I just have to shake my head and ask myself, What’s Up Wit Dat?!? What’s-Up-Wit-Dat?!? (SNL fans, you know what I’m singing!)

In my mind, Valentine’s Day is a special day to give your sweetie a laugh or small treat that they would enjoy, but maybe had never thought of.  In my marriage, we don’t take this stuff too seriously… I take an extra moment to remind myself of how lucky I am to have love in my life…from the kids, to my family and obvs, my other half.  Of course, who wouldn’t love a serenade by Bruno Mars and a crazy, romantic, extravagant evening, but after the first year, you’ll probably be saying, Oh, it’s just Bruno.  Again.

Tell me I’m not lying.

So, that’s why I like to keep it simple.  My husband?  He wants nothing more than a little extra sweetness.  Done!  As for me?  Well, I like presents.  So, yes buy me s-o-m-e-t-h-i-n-g.  Cute, small, funny.  I love it all!!

If you’re needing ideas, check it out!  I’ve got a bunch!!


Cocoon chair, Lukewarm Balloons, Weird PillowcasesPersonalized Temporary Tattoo,  Key Bottle Opener, Mobile by Frederic Liger, Rose Quartz, Diamond Terrarium


Matching Shirts, Sexy Tights, Desk Chair, Pocket Square, Heart Scissors, Zebrawood Speaker, French Gilt Mirror, Wood Purifying Chips, Celestial Tapestry, Tiffany Bracelet

Are those dang balloons hilarious!?!  I swear, people are so creative.  And that mobile?!  It totally says, you are my universe.  How about cuddling in that hanging chair?!  Yes, please.  Those stockings?  I know I don’t have to tell you they are the shiz!

What am I getting?  Well, this is in the works and I’m soooooo excited!


It’s a Forrest Pansy Cercis tree, and get this, the leaves are shaped like hearts.  Can’t make this stuff up!  I’m smitten!!



Anyhoo, I hope that I sparked some amazing gift ideas!

Happy Creating!!  XOXO, Jessica


Happy New Year!

Thank you so much for being so supportive and being the best co-pilots ever!

2015 – Here we come!!

securedownload-1 copyCan you guess which ones are mine?  It’s like Where’s Waldo… only SO MUCH EASIER.


Enjoy the last few days of the holiday bliss, (or in our case No School!!).

Monday we get back to work!

Happy Creating!  Jessica