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30 Minutes of Treasure Hunting

Hi There!

We are back from a little vacation and a short visit with family (which was wonderful, by the way)… Actually we got back yesterday but I was exhausted, to say the least.  Why didn’t I have us coming back on a Saturday?  Whyyyyyy?!?!?  You know how it is… you always think everything is going to be cake and then it’s 1am, you’re just pulling up to the driveway and you realize, the kids will be up in a few hours, and then it’s school, work, looking half-way decent, getting groceries, unpacking, blah, blah, blah.  So yes, a little tired yesterday, but powered through and now we’re all doing much, much better.

But with all the craziness before the trip, I haven’t been able to share my treasure hunting from last Friday.  I had to make a quick errand to the other side of town and on my way back to the office I saw a newly remodeled Salvation Army.  With 30 minutes to spare, and alone in the car (What?! This literally never happens), I flew into the parking lot!  And guess what?  They had some neat stuff.

$25 bucks and the top “bar part” came off. Of course as soon as I snapped the shot, a smart shopper snagged it up!  Bad pic, but good piece!
$0.89 each!  So great for so many things... brush holder perhaps?
$0.89 each! So great for so many things… paint brush holder perhaps?
These came home with me for $1.75 total.  Brass file holders, which are perfect for holding fabric scraps.  Yay!
These came home with me for $1.75 total. Brass file holders, which are perfect for organizing fabric scraps. Yay!
$50 bucks and so chic for a bar area.  I'd love it more in a glossy dark green.  Why don't I have room for you?!
$50 bucks and so chic for a bar area. I’d love it more in a glossy dark green. Why don’t I have room for you?!


$25 for these great legs and details.
$25 for these great legs and details.


Very sturdy and only $20!!  If she were mine I'd add a tail and mane, maybe even a saddle!
Very sturdy and only $20!! If she were mine I’d add a tail and mane, maybe even a saddle!
Totally my favorite things in the store!  $120 for the small and $150 for the larger, both very real, stuffed crocs!!
Totally my favorite things in the store! $120 for the small and $150 for the larger, both very real, stuffed crocs, teeth intact!!

How cool are those crocodiles?!  And how perfect next to the “thinking/time-out chair?”  Maybe one of those would actually keep my boys from doing what they call Monkey Time.  Ed and I both give each other the terrified look when one of them shouts that out… I know… it’s even scarier when they have a name for their crazy.

Probably got it from their mama… I do like stuffed crocs… the OG kind.

What have I done?!?

Please leave me a comment!  I’d love to hear what you think of these finds!

Flee Market Finds – June 2013

Hi there Friends!

2 of the 3 boys woke up Sunday with a fever, so almost didn’t make it to the Rose Bowl this month.  Would have been tragic, I know!  But they are such little troopers!  They kept saying that they wanted to go in the car and see Grandma and Grandpa (who were meeting us there to help push, chase, feed these monkeys).  Thank you my sons, is all I can say.  You nutted up and mama loves you.

With that said, because of the added drama, I totally forgot my camera.  Ed had a phone, yay, but we often get separated, boo.  He loves the dude stuff – sports and comic stuff.  Stuff I wonder why people love so much… honest, but true, people.  We did manage to be together for a few finds, though.  Phew!


These were $165 (how did you guess that?!) for the pair and I think totally worth it.  You can put a chair like this in any room and getting a cushion (or making one) is pretty simple.  Here are some ideas…


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Lots you can do with those chairs!  Here’s a cane peacock chair that I’ve seen in print that is just so sweet in person.  These can get big and ornate, also fabulous, but this girl can fit in a small space, which is nice when you don’t want to take up too much real estate.


The vendor referred to it as a princess chair.  Only for a super stylish, trendy princess!!  And for $145 bucks this conversation piece could be yours.  I think it would be perfecto for a little girls room, a boho sunroom or just for fun in a corner with books and a cool lamp.  These are neat ideas too…

907d10bad48edd2ddfb1f2937bfdb9c0 b6a5d98100dc38b92ea6341b3d069425 peacock-chair-charleston-angie-hranowsky-bohemian-chic-patio

So there are probably ZERO photos of the next awesome thing I spotted.  There are not many of them in the world, fo sho.  I feel like they were probably from the Raffles hotel in Singapore… don’t you just want to drink a Singapore Slinger looking at them??  Check these out!!


Squeal!  They are TDF (To die for)!  Can you image the brass shined up?!  This is retro glam at it’s best and oh, so An-i-mal (said with an accent, of course)!  I really wanted these, but I had no idea where I would put them and at $400 for the pair, I had to be sure there was a spot.  Don’t want to be a hoarder… or more of a hoarder (guilty look).  These lamps would make any so-so spot a show stopper.  Imagine these rooms with elephant lighting…


Can I just say, these lamps have got to go?! El-e-phants, el-e-phants!!


Hope these fun photos gave you a little inspiration today!

Happy Hunting!  Any finds you’d like to share??  I’d love to see =)

Trolling the Restore Store

I don’t know if you’ve heard of this store, but I had read a few diy’ers mention it as their go to for scores and then (as luck would have it) I saw one opening in my neighborhood!  Finally, I’ve had a chance to check it out and yes, it is pretty cool. There is junk, there is treasure and there is fun stuff to just imagine fixed up!  Here are some of my fav’s….

There were a pair of these for $15 buckeroos each!
There were a pair of these for $15 buckeroos each!
Great for the porch or patio – $40 bucks a pair!
Really liked both of these. The foot rest, $30, has fabulous chrome legs and would be easy to recover and the the side table, $35, just needs a glass piece – so Mad Men looking!
This diamond in the rough was only a few bucks!

The last little gem is the piece I took home with me.  She’s currently getting a facelift and should look oh, so cute in the hallway as a lantern.

Happy Hunting!

Here she is!

Just couldn’t resist the hand carved lily pad.  Isn’t she just stunning?!  A little tricky getting her back together, and now that I’m studying the photo I think I may still have some work getting the leaves and buds balanced.  I’m not sure if she’s going to stay by the window since I’m working on some drapery, but without a doubt, I’ll find a nice home for her.  Love, sigh.

DSCN1156Yes, this is a small glimpse into my living room which is always evolving.  I’ll get some more photos soon.  Ciao Amigos!

Fun at the Flea Market

Hello Friends!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite finds from the Rose Bowl flea market.  I absolutely love going to this!  It’s so much fun to see the crazy things that vendors have and the awesome steals that people are walking away with.  I go with the whole family, two strollers and all, so we get there at about 9am for the cheap seats.  Even though it’s later than my husband, Ed and I would like to get there, we still manage to score something fab almost every time.  Plus, isn’t shopping just too much fun?!  I have a girlfriend that says shopping is her hobby – You go girl!

So, I saw this amazing desk with gold drawers and rivets!  I love the thick piece of glass and round wood feet.  The combo makes this truly special.  Isn’t it TDF?!


We chatted with the sellers and they were asking $1,100 which may sound obscene by I really think that it was a pretty fair price.  We agreed that it was from a top designer and between me and you, I’m sure it’s worth way more than that.

The other reason I loved it is because it’s an easy look to steal and super versatile; you could use the bottom drawers as two nightstands or side tables, you could get a third set of drawers and put it in the middle for storage or tv console or whatever!

Here are some of my favorite substitute options…

24" Mayfair Steamer Cube with Drawers Brushed Steel
Restoration Hardware – $1095
Overstock - $501.99
Overstock – $501.99
Home Decorators - $289
Home Decorators – $289

Anyhoo, you get the idea.  Now the price doesn’t seems so bad, eh?  Just that honking’ glass piece is probably a few hundy.

Then I saw this super cool lantern chandelier.  I had Ed take the picture for me… and well, you see what happened…

He’s so funny!  He took a picture of this lamp instead of the lantern.  But you can see it in the back, to the left.  Imagine it in red or chartreuse or shiny gold…$150

You really have to look closely here.  It’s a small iron bird that attaches to a table to hold needles on it’s back (there’s a cork inset) while sewing.  The mouth even opens when you squeeze the tail feathers to keep track of your thread!! $65


This table and set of chairs fold up!  You can keep it tucked in a closet, which is so practical.  Or, if I were to go for it, I’d put it in a kids room.  I love the bamboo details and the fact that it’s actually made of plastic – easy to clean, easy to move around!  $80


The lines of this chest are rad.  I’m imagining a bar with swanky glasses and a decanter on top.  $250


Last but not least, this hand carved lotus plant!  This thing is about 10 feet tall, probably why it’s even still available at 10:30 am!!  It’s definitely a show stopper, but you’re gotta have the space for a beast like this.
Darn, didn’t get a shot of the bottom, which is killer!  Nuts.  I’ll get better at this – promise.
So… which one did I end up with??