Maybe your room just needs… A Disco Ball?!?

‘Sup Homies?!  That’s my sad attempt to be cooooool… I’ll try to stop now before it gets bad.  Trust me on this one – I’m like a less air-heady Jess on New Girl.  We’re just incapable of being all that cool, well, for more than 30 seconds at a time… Looking back, those few times I’ve felt cool have ended up with then feeling super uncool.  Yes, I tripped on graduation, have called someones brother their fiancé when I REALLY should have known better, had false eyelashes that had were coming off on one end (without realizing it), I’ve split my pants (and yes, people noticed… oh, how it was noticed), had a bird poop on my new school clothes, green in my teeth during a meeting … I hate to admit it, but the list can go on and on.

Needless to say, now that I’m a mom and wifey, I’ve all but given up on being cool.  But with all the disco balls I’ve been seeing in home decor maybe it’s my way that I can inject a little swag into my pad (I did warn you).

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I love how it just fits in with any style… You can put it in any space and it could liven the place up.  And by a window, oh yeah!

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But you don’t just have to hang it, you can put a disco ball on a shelf, on a side table, in your fireplace… next to a clawfoot bathtub would be sweet… What about in an entry way??  Your guests would know where the Partay’s At!!  I’m seriously considering that one… it’s just sooooo BAD.  Michael Jackson BAD.

2c35d3f085d93975838b0755a7a69aa4 Disco-ball-light-small-living-room-decor-ideasGot a disco ball stored in your garage?  I may just have to dig that ball out and give it some love… My husband just told me to sex it up, because (who knew) sex sells.  Don’t worry, I’ll stop on that attempt, too.

Hope I inspired you to shine up some balls in your house!  Happy Decorating!




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