A Pancake Samurai Party!

Yes, you heard me right.  Pancakes and Samurai’s.

Let it simmer for a second.

Did it just hit you that my twins, who just turned 3, had a pure genius idea?!  Well, actually that’s not exactly how it happened… I asked each of them what kind of party they wanted to have.  Zander had decided months before that he wanted a Pancake party, which he declared after a breakfast feast of (you guessed it) pancakes.  Cruz, who’s been obsessed with swords for like ever, said he wanted Samurai’s so he could get “lots of swords,” (my own worst personal nightmare).

Hence the Pancake Samurai Party was born and I think it was a huge success!

Combining their ideas was my little way of making each of my boys feel special.  Even though, ‘cummon, sharing a birthday with your bff is seriously fabulous!  I would love to do that every single year.  Yes, I would.



What do you need for your own Pancake Samurai Birthday?

Definitely a big birthday banner!

DSCN3105 DSCN3102

Lots of INFLATABLE SWORDS!  And tough samurai’s dressed in towel samurai robes, made by mom, of course!

Nightmare averted.

Water balloons are much, much a bit safer option.  Love to see the parents beaning their kids = free therapy bonus!!




Climb Samurai Summit to claim your sword!!  DSCN3092

Ninja balloons.  Um, duh.

And a ninja piñata to beat up.  Samurai’s don’t like ninjas, so I’ve heard.



Pin the sword on the super pancake.  Hey, the kids liked it.

I took this one from the ol sorority days… seriously you can pin something on anything.  Am I right?!  Such a versatile game.



And to eat?  Well fancy pancakes, of course!  Or crepes as the French Samurai’s call them.  And boba.  You’ve gotta have boba.





What more could a set of 3 years olds want?



I only got one complaint… that the swords were not “real” Samurai swords.

Can’t get anything passed these guys.

All in all, a great day!  With some fun projects that I’d love to share with you!

Happy Creating and Celebrating!  Jessica

C-Tables for the Family Room

Hola Amigos!

Ya gotta love a 3 day weekend, but man does time get away from you!  It’s already the end of the week and I have accomplished zippo.  Well, actually I did fix a sprinkler head… that I broke on Sunday.  Seriously, I think most of my time is spent on fixing stuff that went wrong or just maintaining the things that I like!!

As some of you know, the one room challenge is fast approaching.  I’ve all but committed myself to making over my family room space.  We are in there all the time and it really needs a bit o’ TLC.  So, with that in mind (and trying to be proactive) I’ve begun looking for two C-tables.

Do you have any in your house?  A coffee table is cool and all, but C-tables are so fantastic!  They’re exactly the right size for noshing on the sofa and enjoying a cup of tea.  Way back when, I used to have a little table for this very purpose, that my husband hated and I adored…anyway, that table was the first casualty of having children in the house.  It broke after a rough toss (as did my heart).

Sadly, that was years ago and no table has made me pull the trigger yet.  But maybe one of these will??  What do you think?  Am I missing a C-table option that you think should be on the list??  SPILL!


Siena – $199.00


Teak Side Table – 119.99 


Tray Table with Drawers – $59.99


Peekaboo Clear – $179.99


Adjustable Laptop Table – $149.99


Lumisource Zenn – $73.99

Truth be told, I do have a favorite in the bunch.  Can you guess?  I’m super digging the Crate and Barrel Siena, choice numero uno.  I think it will age well… I certainly don’t want another heartbreaking experience.  Once I commit to a C-table, it’s going to be for the long haul.

Happy Creating Peeps!!  Ciao, Jessica



Can your room be inspired by Heidi Klum?

Is it weird that I think about Heidi Klum?

I’m not much into models, actresses or reality celebrities… but oh, do I like me some Klum.  She’s just… she’s just so cool.  When I grow up, I want to be like her.  Well, I want to be like her on the outside, for sure!!

What do I gravitate towards?  I love, love, LOVE her everyday style.  I like Heidi the most when she’s out with her kids, being a normal person.  For some reason (crazy me!!) I feel like I could maybe come close to her style with some effort.

What do you think?


Ya, I could do this.  I could rock a mixture of stripes.  Or hey, I could just do this…


I’m definitely better at this, than I am at getting my hair that frizz-free!  Wow, it’s so smooth.


She’s the total cool-girl, who’s also nice.  Kinda like myself 😉


Pink and red?  That ain’t no thang for Ms. Klum.


When she mixes patterns, that’s my favorite.





Can someone please find me this scarf???? I need.


Side note – Cactus flowers are amazing, huh?  I think I need those, too.  Who’d da thunk?

Inspiration is everywhere!  A favorite outfit or style icon can give us some new ideas about how to mix fabrics and what kind of vibe we’re most comfortable in.

So, dish.  Who inspires your style?  Has it changed your interiors?

Have a great weekend!!  Happy Creating, Jessica