A little shopping in Santa Monica…

Hi there!!  I love how this week has started out with a “fake” Monday.

It was like working, but only at 1/2 horsepower… and with the kids at school I got to check a few things off my to-do list.  Ahhhh, so nice.

Two weeks ago, I got to do a little shopping in Santa Monica with one of my besties.  After her birthday brunch, I whispered to her that we should totally sneak out to a few home stores… you know, since we were soooo close already – it would be such a waste to pass up the opportunity.  (Insert me with my eyebrows pumping up and down and maybe some puppy-dog eyes.)  Whatever I did either scared her into agreeing or actually worked, but we got to enjoy a tasty frappuccino and some fabulous finds.

Seriously.  Aren’t girlfriends just the best?  We all need a little downtime and I’m so lucky to A. Have friends that want to hang out with me and B. A husband that bravely encourages me to enjoy myself for a little bit.

Ahhh, so nice.

Well, I wanted to share with you some fun things we saw because sometimes internet shopping just doesn’t cut it.  I can fully attest that in person all of these are truly standouts!

Citrus Art Print

accessoriesgalleryglassartglassart-s-f-104011016330Mega Wall Clock



Feather Pillow cover


Accent Stool

img12oDuvet and Shams



Wool Rug


Silly Dog Plates


Modo Chandelier

PD_20367_MAINSling Chair


Llamas Art

Cane Chair


And what did I come home with?  Well, a $5 dollar salt and pepper set, of course!

My kids think these little eggs are hilarious… I’m not sure why.  But then it dawned on me that I just voluntarily brought some more “huevos” into the house.  Oh vey!


Have you seen any fun new buys in stores?  Isn’t it so much better when you can touch and feel something??

Have a great day!  Happy Creating!  Jessica




Week 2 of the 6 Week Challenge – Family Room Revamp

Uh, yeah.  That was fast.

Did a week just go by already?  Holy guacamole.

Welcome back!!  I’m so glad you’re here.  We’ve got work to do.


What’s the latest?  Well, I NEED YOUR HELP!  I’m still figuring a few things out, but what do you think about these two rug options??




Now I know these photos are a bit sketchy, but I took them in the store and had to crop a bunch of extra stuff out.

I’ve pretty much made a decision (I think!) but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Beyond the (never-ending) rug debate, I did manage to pull the trigger on these fabulous additions!  I think they will really bring some much needed sophistication into the room.


Restoration Hardware Sconce


Crate and Barrel Siena Side Table – See my whole side table round up here!

Large_0319769Michael Miller Tribal Fabric

And yet, I feel like there’s still something missing… hmmm… a leather morroccan pouf, perhaps?  More fabric is on the agenda next week for sure.  Gotta bring in that texture and fancify (it could be a thing) the “sofa beast.”

What else?

Well, the shelves are almost done!!  Next week you will get a peek!

We’re making progress!  Phew!

Now get on over to Calling It Home, so you can see all the amazing rooms!  Seriously, the creativity and talent is remarkable.

Happy Creating!  Jessica

Laundry Room Tile – Decisions, decisions!


I know I should be knee deep in The One Room Challenge (and I am, trust me) but the show must go on in the laundry room.  I have been procrastinating too long!

Why the procrastination?  Well, it’s tough to decide exactly what you want to do… where the budget should be spent/ignored/blown outta the water… and then once you’ve come to terms with the actual J-O-B at hand, then there is the actual choice of what you want to live with for the next many years.

I know.  I’m preaching to the choir.

So after much driving all over town and testing samples, I decided that these 3 were my favorites.  What do y’all think??


Glass and White Marble – $17.97 sqft


Or maybe…


Carrera Marble Beveled – $15.99 sqft

Or perhaps…


Pearl Glass Mosaic – $9.88 sqft 

DSCN3292Please excuse my terrible pictures… I was trying to hold the samples up and control the camera.  It was like trying to feed an infant while washing the dishes – it got done, but not well.

And for fun, here’s shot of that energizing green!  Oh yeah, baby, it’s laundry time.

DSCN3020So, what do you think??

I’m hoping to make a decision by this weekend, so please gimme your $0.02!!

And don’t forget to check out all the 6 Week Room updates tomorrow, starting here, of course!!

Happy Creating!  Jessica