Where, O Where, Have I Been?

Well, Friends it’s been a minute.

I’ve seen the other side and I gotta tell you.  It’s not pretty.  I’m talking about the other side of health.  I was literally sick for an entire month and I’m happy to say that I’m finally emerging from my zombie coma.  Beg, bribe, pay for your indulgence, get on the “nice” list – WHATEVER IT TAKES.  You don’t want none of this.

So, what have I been up to?  Other than a whole lotta nut n’ honey, just growing consternation over my unfinished projects.  Yes, I am coming out of the dark, but I still need to get back my sea legs- or something like that – before I dive into crazy land with y’all.

Let’s start off slow, shall we?

A little voyeurism never hurt anyone.  I said a little!


Here’s a quick glance into a house on the Venice canal decorated by Katie Leede and Company.  They certainly know how to pick a perfect light fixture!  I’m in love with every single one of them.


You can find this Zeitlite I, mobile inspired chandelier on Twentieth.net for $3,800.  It’s made of brass and porcelain and I thinks it’s heaven.  It’s delicateness offsets the roughness of the animal furs.


What to do with a funky pole?  Hmmm… hang a t.v. off it!  Of course!

Just saw this exact throw on the bed – woven by hand in Tibet of 100% wool, it’s $450.  And it’s even better in person.



Did you know that the African headdress, called a juju hat, gets fleas?!  I really wanted one of these, but you have to spray it for bugs or put it in the freezer every month or so.  Kinda gives me the hebbies, but still lovely and for $300+ they’re not badly priced… Bugs come Free.


Desk chairs for a breakfast table?!  So cool and comfortable!



Hope you enjoyed this little tour!

I’ll get my butt back in gear tomorrow… that’s what I said yesterday.  Sigh.

Happy Creating!  Jessica


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