A Mad Little Bridal Shower!

Hello Friends!

So, it happened.  The shower has come and gone (bittersweet) and now I get the fun part of sharing all the special little details with you!  Yay!

For today, maybe just a few pictures and tutorials will be out in the next few posts.  Coolio?


There’s me on the left, with “my girls!”  We’re having fun with our summer hats and perfect weather!


See those adorable tea pot topiaries peaking there?  I’ll show you how I made them with stuff I basically had on hand!


Check out the cotton candy buckets, rose cakes, hanging circle and book page garlands… yup, all that knowledge will be yours to yield!


A fun little perch for the Bride to be!  She didn’t have to wonder where to sit… right in front of blueberry scones with “Eat Me” tags.  The less thinking the better, no?!

You can also see that I set up a few coffee machines in the back for hot water and cafe… it’s a tea party and you need lots of tea, of course!  But who wants to be running back and forth heating up tea kettles??  Not me!


Each guest went home with a vintage tea cup, embellished with a butterfly cut-out and a sweet wish for the bride.  Here you can also see the book runner made with pages of a book and some glue!  Easy stuff that looked so whimsical!


No shower would be complete without a little roasting of the bride!  Here we’re testing her knowledge of the groom.  She did great!!  And that sash?  Ya, I’ll let you in on how I made that too!

I must thank this guest for having her hat cover my belly in every shot!!


Guests are filling out fun little advice cards to put in a glass canister as a gift to the bride.  Makes for great Sunday morning laughs during the first year!!



No tea party would be complete without a little signage!  You can make your own with arrows printed on colored paper and a spare cardboard roll – I used a fabric roll since it was sturdier and I had one on hand.  Just wrap it in crepe paper and glue your arrows on!

I’m super happy with how everything turned out!  It did take a bit of planning, but hey, I’m all about a fab party with unique, personal touches.

Have a wonderful day my gems!

And check in on Thursday morning for Week 4 of the 6 week room challenge!!  Needless to say that it’s getting close to the wire and I’m working hard to get ‘er done.

Tootles!  Jesica


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