A New Year’s Celebration at Home

You know what I love?

I love a New Year’s Party at home.  No $200 ticket to a weird hotel.  No crying because there’s no one to Uber you home.  No extreme let down because (figures) the party was lame, your shoes are uncomfortable and your love has had way too much champagne.

So, now we only do NYE celebrating in the happy, coziness of home… either yours or mine, but with family and friends, no freaky drunkies, thank you very much.  You are probably thinking that I’m just the woman who lives in a shoe, but try it!!  Ringing in the new year will never be the same!

This year we are actually invited to a party!  (I’m as shocked as you are!  The 6 of us?? I had to make sure.)  But if I were to throw a shin ding myself, here’s what I would do… intimate, glittery and festive!

a741569349e69a2d9ae0b262ebd46596Dying over the banner!  I’m totally rocking that next year.


Saw this on Pinterest, and yeah, this is dope.  I would fill mine with hot chocolate for a dessert!

Champagne is the perfect drink to serve, so I’d satisfy everyone’s fav’s with a set up of all the goodies to add!


No need to serve a full dinner, so an appetizer table would be perfect for munching for hours!


And since you don’t want hungry guests (especially with alcohol abound), what about these festive, hearty appetizers?

Mashed potatoes in a champagne glass?  Clever!


Lasagna Lollipops from the Hungry Happenings!  Like the Times Square Ball!


Oranges are symbols of luck and wealth – Perfect for the new year!


Obviously, awesome party hats are a DO!


And since I’m a game lovin’ gal, I’d put together a game to either introduce everyone to each other or something more intimate for smaller groups.  This link had some cute ideas!

What else?!  Well, I love these for after the ball drops!  It would be hilarious to fill them with super cheesy fortunes or if an adult-only party maybe something a bit risqué?!


That’s about it!  Add in a sweet playlist and all your favorite peeps and you’ve got an unforgettable party!!

Cheers to 2015!  Cheers to new beginnings!  Jessica


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