Me and my Rachio, Sitting in a Tree

Sing it with me… K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!

My Rachio and I have been together for about a month now, and I know it’s a bit early to call, but I think it’s love.  It’s everything I hoped it would be…. AND MORE.

So what is it?  Well, it’s a super smart sprinkler system.


This is the model that I purchased in January.  Can you believe that it’s old now?!?  Grrr.

They just came out with this purdy lady –


Basically you control your entire sprinkler system with your phone.  AND it uses wifi to keep track of the weather so that when it sees rain, it doesn’t water your lawn.  Like you don’t have to do anything!  It will do if for you.

It will save you money.

And there’s a rebate.  I’m getting $240 bucks back on my water bill.

Are you totally hyperventilating and wondering why you don’t have one yet?!?!  It’s pure awesome and I love it, I love it, I love it!!!

My old system was probably about 15-20 years old.  It worked.


But that’s about the only nice thing I can say about it.  It wasn’t smart. At. All.

Not it’s fault.  But this amazing piece of genius… well, Stop ogling my sprinkler system!!  It’s just on another level.  Sigh.


I had only one stumbling block to install it… I had to get an electrician to change the wiring.  No big deal, just a small delay.

As for actually hooking it up?  I did it all by myself.


I set it up all by myself.  I programmed it all by myself.  And you know what?  It wasn’t hard at all.

Now, I actually know what’s going on in my yard – water wise.  It seriously even tells me how many gallons I’ve used.  The best part?  I can turn on a specific zone during a Project Runway commercial… I can spray my kids when they least expect it.

Do you see?  Loads of perks you had not even thought of.

Of course it sends me texts and updates, which I can’t photo with my phone since it’s on my phone.  But I also get email alerts… more detailed info… like so

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.05.55 PM Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.06.48 PM

Did you see that adjustment?!?  It’s so cool.  When the weather is cool and/or humidity is high, it will lower your watering time.

Can you even sense my complete excitement and happiness right now?  It’s like I have some bit of control.  Okay, it’s just sprinklers, you say.  But, it’s still control.  And it’s kinda addicting.  Actually it’s pretty empowering.

Hey, you heard it here first, “The Rachio will make you feel good about yourself.”  Not too far of a leap.  (Especially when you consider the fact that you’re helping the environment.  Wow.  You’re an environmentalist now.  It feels good, right?)

Anyhow, if you’re interested (and I know you are) check out Bestbuy.  They will give you all the details on the rebates in your area AND they will price match Amazon.  I spent $260 on my machine, and now it’s only $199!  I’d be more annoyed if I wasn’t so pleased with it.  With the rebate, you will actually get money back!!

With all the water I’m saving, shopping is so on.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.02.45 AM


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