Channel your Italian Side

Hi Everyone!

It’s Monday and this is going to be one super busy week!

That’s why, just for a moment, I want to channel my inner Italian self… the girl that breakfasts on extraordinarily strong coffee and gelato, while making an impressive number of hand gestures and (obviously) wearing something slinky with high heels.  And yes, it’s 10 am.  My 9pm Italian self is slurping up homemade pasta, laughing unabashedly, sipping a red wine.

Sometimes it would be nice to bring that girl home, don’t you think?

Perhaps a blue Murano glass chandelier would do just the trick?


Think it’s maybe too much for your place?  This chandelier is surprisingly versatile and can go in ANY room.  Dining – Naturally.  Bathroom – You Vixen.  Living Space – Duh.  Bedroom – Oh Hecks Ya.  Closet – So Chic.  Nursery – Lucky Baby.  Kitchen – Sophisticated.

My favorite, though?  The Foyer!

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So, where to find these beauties?  You could travel to Murano – not a bad option, actually!!

Here are some that are available at the click of a button.


$321.00, Plus shipping from Hong Kong.  Go here.


$2,940.00 from Design Within Reach



$399.00, plus shipping from ZGallerie



$798 from Lamps Plus (and a bunch of other retailers)

These were my favorites on-line… well, other than the 30k one I saw on 1stDibs!!  Yowza!

What do you think?  Do you feel like your Italian self would love this chandelier?

If you’re feeling inspired by the blue color, then please check out The Pink Pagoda for a Blue and White Linking Party!!  Lots of great decorating ideas and new blogs to check out!

Happy Creating!  Jessica



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