A New Guest Bed … Or Not?

Hello there my people!

I’m going to be honest and tell  you that I’ve been sitting on this post for about a week.  Ya see, over the holiday weekend our guest bed broke.  All the boys were jumping on it, having a good ol’ time (and no, they’re NOT allowed to do that), when bang, the mattress hit the floor.  This bed that we have has always given us a few issues and I, my husband and father-in-law have all repaired it at one time or another.

I was fed up.

I decided, there are a crap load of sales going on and I’m getting a new freaking bed!!  Whoo-hoo!!  Spending hard earned money can be so darn exhilarating!  Ha!

I knew that I needed a queen, neutral in color (grey, perhaps) with a low footboard, or heck, no footboard at all, and pretty sleek around the sides (nothing jutting out taking over precious space).

Here’s what I came up with.  Can you even believe the price of these?!  My gosh.  When did beds become so cheap?!?

Rebecca – AllModern – $419.99

Houchins – Wayfair – $327.99

Molinaro – AllModern – $207.54


Leyton Mid-Century – Target – $353.59

Baxton Studios – Overstock – $461.12

Pelegrino – Joss and Main – $269.99

So, I did it!  I ordered one without searching any further… I looked for one day, that was it!  Can you guess which one?

Yes, the one with storage!!  I thought that would be so much better than bins of comic books under the bed (the way it is now).  I’ve mentioned my husband’s collecting habit, right?  We’re a match made in hoarding heaven!  Har har.

I was getting that bed in less than a week.  OMG.

Anyhoo, my in-laws came to visit the next day and I asked if they could help me get the old sucker out.  While I was running errands, he fixed it.  He literally FIXED it.  Again.  AGAIN!!  And wouldn’t you know it, it doesn’t look bad.  Arrrrrrrrr!!

I figured that I’d try to cancel the order and let fate decide.  Well, Wayfair has excellent customer service and cancelled it an hr or two later.  Thanks Wayfair.  (insert sarcasm)  And I wasn’t even going to tell you this whole long, boring saga which resulted in nothingness, except for the fact that I did write up a post on the beds before I knew my shopping would be DOA.  (Friends fans anyone?!)

Maybe you’re looking for a great new bed and one of these calls to you.  Maybe I have helped someone in need today.


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