Cotton Candy Pink + Big Apple Blue = Perfect for Your Living Room?


I wanted to share with you a color combo that I am totally loving at the moment!

Benjamin Moore's Cotton Candy
Benjamin Moore’s Cotton CandyBenjamin Moore's New York State of MindBenjamin Moore’s New York State of Mind

Lately, I have been seeing these two colors in rooms that you would never expect and to great effect.  It looks comfortable, livable and dare I say, sophisticated.

Take a looksie!


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The blue takes the girls-room vibe away from this paler tone, but the pink really gives these rooms a playfulness.  It’s really a very sweet pairing if I do say so myself!

What do you think?

You know I’m a red fan, and I still find the pink calming and cozy and chic.  And yet, so such a timid color going pink  does take a bit of daring, doesn’t it?

I say, Go for it!

Hope you’re inspired!  Tootles, Jessica


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