Japanese Indigo Textiles Obsession

Hi Friends!

Do you ever notice that once you like something you see it everywhere?  And almost unconsciously you repeatedly pick the same thing in stores, magazines, television… even your wardrobe starts to resemble your new found addiction?

A few months ago, I just couldn’t get enough of black and white.  My normally colorful closet was starting to look like Karl Lagerfield’s… well, not exactly, but pretty darn close.

And now, a few months later I can’t stop double taking on the fabulous Japanese inspired indigo prints!  Like seriously, aren’t they wonderful?!  For the house, for the closet, for your inner warrior!

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So organic, so beautiful, just… so.  I lurve it.

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Design Boom Tiles – I’m dying over these tiles!  It’s like, What?!  Are you kidding me?!  Someone makes these!?

And just in case you are wanting a bit of your own indigo, I put together some fun stuff that you can buy.  Today.  Right now, even.

Just satisfy that itch via some internet shopping therapy!

OB-Japanese Indigo

Bowls, Magnets, Pillow Cover, Halter JumpsuitTie, Splatter Chair, Peony PrintNavy Dress, Quilt

My favorite??  Isn’t that quilt crazy?  But it’s $450!  Whoa.  I guess I can get my fix with a sweet jumpsuit for spring.  Or those bowls!

Have you snagged anything with a Japanese print lately??

Happy Creating!!  Jessica


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