Les Touches

Hola Amigos!

You know when you see something that you like terribly but everyone and their mother has it.

Does it make you want it or does it make you dislike it?

Seriously, I’m so torn about how to answer that when I’m looking at Brunschwig and Fils, Les Touches!  Even the name is super sexy time!


This spotty dotty, leopard print-esque fabric is the shizz.

Normally, when I see something all over the place I wonder to myself if we’re all just a bunch of copy cats… but this here, well, it’s got me thinking about sloppy seconds!

m_88ac89d950c3 6a00e55391c48e883301630190f88c970d-600wi 102184925_wcrop_0 Brunschwig-Les-TouchesThis totally reminds me of when I was in a sorority and ALL the girls had Tiffany bracelets and Kate Spade purses!  Omg, can you believe that before college, I had never even heard of such things?!?

Well, I didn’t want one then… but if the today’s version of the Tiffany bracelet is Les Touches, then sign me up!!

Happy Creating!  Jessica


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