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A Pancake Samurai Party!

Yes, you heard me right.  Pancakes and Samurai’s.

Let it simmer for a second.

Did it just hit you that my twins, who just turned 3, had a pure genius idea?!  Well, actually that’s not exactly how it happened… I asked each of them what kind of party they wanted to have.  Zander had decided months before that he wanted a Pancake party, which he declared after a breakfast feast of (you guessed it) pancakes.  Cruz, who’s been obsessed with swords for like ever, said he wanted Samurai’s so he could get “lots of swords,” (my own worst personal nightmare).

Hence the Pancake Samurai Party was born and I think it was a huge success!

Combining their ideas was my little way of making each of my boys feel special.  Even though, ‘cummon, sharing a birthday with your bff is seriously fabulous!  I would love to do that every single year.  Yes, I would.



What do you need for your own Pancake Samurai Birthday?

Definitely a big birthday banner!

DSCN3105 DSCN3102

Lots of INFLATABLE SWORDS!  And tough samurai’s dressed in towel samurai robes, made by mom, of course!

Nightmare averted.

Water balloons are much, much a bit safer option.  Love to see the parents beaning their kids = free therapy bonus!!




Climb Samurai Summit to claim your sword!!  DSCN3092

Ninja balloons.  Um, duh.

And a ninja piñata to beat up.  Samurai’s don’t like ninjas, so I’ve heard.



Pin the sword on the super pancake.  Hey, the kids liked it.

I took this one from the ol sorority days… seriously you can pin something on anything.  Am I right?!  Such a versatile game.



And to eat?  Well fancy pancakes, of course!  Or crepes as the French Samurai’s call them.  And boba.  You’ve gotta have boba.





What more could a set of 3 years olds want?



I only got one complaint… that the swords were not “real” Samurai swords.

Can’t get anything passed these guys.

All in all, a great day!  With some fun projects that I’d love to share with you!

Happy Creating and Celebrating!  Jessica

The Mother Revisited – A few changes and a decision to be made

Hey, hey, hey!

How are my lovelies today?  It’s been a bit busy at the office so things around the house have been moving at a snails pace.  Actually, it’s been kind of nice to step back a little and survey the progress I’ve made.  Sometimes, at the end of a project tweaks need to be made and you may reconsider your original plan… Always be open to new ideas!

And in today’s case we’re talking about The Mother… my beaut cabinets that are still a bit too naked for my likes.

Today, here she is…. Notice anything different?


If you said hardware, then you are right!!

After buying and trying a BUNCH of different options, I went with these from The Home Depot.



Close up, you can see that they don’t match.  I debated a few options to get the same finish but ultimately, a little elbow grease and a steel wool pad did the trick!  Phew!  I was nervous about using rub n buff, or something similar, since that stuff is potent!  Every once in awhile (more like never) the solution is an easy one – thank you hardware gods!


I’m sure you’ve notice that I ain’t got no shelves.  Um ya, that’s a huge piece of the puzzle that needs to get done.

That’s where you come in!!  I need your decorator eyeballs… These are the options I’m considering.  What do you think?

Option 1 Option 3 Option 4Remember I made a little desk area to keep the vent open.  I’m still undecided as to whether I will actually use it as a desk, but having the option would be nice.

What does your gut tell you?

Hopefully, we can all decide soon since I’d love to get going on those shelves next week!!

Have a great day!!  Happy Creating, Jessica

Make your own Wood Hooks!

Howdy there!

Remember that I was looking into buying some towel hooks for the newly remodeled pool bath?  If not, check out that oldie but goodie, here.

I wanted something natural looking… you know?  Organic feeling.

After much searching on the web, I decided to just make my own!  How hard could it be?  Honestly, not that hard at all!!  This is what I like to call a nap project because you can go from start to finish in an HOUR!  Promise!

Now, gather your supplies and wait for the perfect moment to turn the phone off for 60 minutes. No more towels on the floor!!  Victory will be yours!


You will need:

-Wood dowel (or an old broom handle)

-Double headed screws

-Wall Anchors

-Sanding block or paper

-Screw driver, clamp, scrap piece of wood, saw

-Optional* Stain and/or wood sealer


I decided to cut my dowel into random lengths with a 30 degree angle, all within 2.5-4″ long.  So, cut down that baby with one side at a 90 degree and the other at 30 degrees.  I cut 6 in total and still have about 1/3 left of my dowel for more!

Using your clamp, hold down your hook and make a pilot hole.  Make sure to make it on the higher part of the dowel, the 30 degree side – not in the middle.  See?


This will make it much, much easier to get the right angle drilled into the hook.

Now take your scrap piece of wood and drill a hole through it.  This will be your guide.


Using a piece of tape (or whatever you have on hand) mark your drill so that you don’t drill too far into the hook.  Then you will be sad.

Using the guide, carefully hold the hook tightly onto the wood, lining up your pilot hole to the hole in the guide.  Ala…


Doing this will keep the hole for the screw parallel to the wall, which is exactly what you want.  Yay!  Just don’t screw into your hand – that would be bad.

Sand the rough edges, since you don’t want your beautiful towels getting pulls.

Now for the easy stuff… secure your anchors into the wall and manually screw in the double-sided screw into your wood hooks.  Then just screw them together!  (In case you’re wondering, I measured 4.5″ between my hooks which seems to leave plenty of room for pretty towel draping.)



If you want you can stain the hooks.  I decided not to stain mine, but I did put on two coats of Acrylacq… I’m so loving that stuff.


I really love the way they turned out and I’m planning to put a few outside by the pool areas… Yes, I have lots of towel problems.  But at least there is one less problem area.  Go Me!

And this project was a measly $10 for 6 hooks, although I’m sure I can get another 4 or 5 out of my dowel – ($3.50 for the dowel, $3 for the screws and about $2.50 for the anchors)

Of course, you can do several variations, but I hope that this inspires you to give it a shot!  And please, let me know if you’ve got some new hooks in your pad!

Happy Creating!  Jessica