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Floating Gallery Shelves

Hi y’all!!

I’ve seen a bunch of tutorials for floating shelves, but these are different!  Promise!

Just look at this clean profile…



And if you’re like me, you’ll love the flexibility of these shelves.  You can change them any. time. you. want.  No pain, no muss, no fuss… oh, and no holes to fix.

DSCN3366Didn’t I mention the best part?  It’s an easy and super cheap project!

So, let’s do it!  Here’s what you’ll need:

1.  1x2x10 (or the length you need)

2.  1x3x10 (or again, the length you’re going for.  You could also do a 4″ version if you have a ton of frames)

3.  Nails or a nail gun

4.  Wood glue

5.  Sand paper/stain/sealer – Optional

6.  3 – 3.5″ drywall screws

7.  Kreg Pocket Hole Kit and a clamp to hold the Kreg in place (see photo)


8.  A Level

9.  A stud finder

10.  A Drill

Many of these, you probably have in your garage or tool box.  If you have a full Kreg system, that’s awesome!  I only purchased the piece that seemed to be the thing missing in my arsenal – and it works great!

Step 1- Secure your pieces together.  So easy, right?  Just put some wood glue on the edge and nail them together like an L shape.  The piece attaching to the wall, will be your 3″ wide piece.


Step 2- While that dries up, grab your stud finder and level.  Time to check out your wall!

I used a washable crayon (was your mind just blown?!?! I hate cleaning pencil!) to mark where all the studs were on the wall, and used the level to draw a vertical “starting line.”  I knew that I would be hanging both shelves from that point and that the higher one would be a bit shorter… to allow for my larger art piece.

Grab your shelves, line them up on the wall and transfer the stud mark onto the wood.  Now you know where to make your pilot holes!

Step 3 – If you are changing the length of your shelves, do that now.  IMPORTANT!  Hang on to that scrap!!

Step 4 –  Drill your pilot holes using the Kreg.


Using your scrap piece do a few tests until you feel super comfortable.  I must have drilled about 15 holes!!  I found the perfect location was 0.75 inch from the back.  See the photo… and then leave 1″ in the wood for the screw to have some meat to grab onto.  You will NOT drill all the way through.  Got it?

Once you’ve got the hang of it, just line up the Kreg, and drill away!  So easy, huh!?!


Step 5 – Sand, Stain, and Seal.  Now if you’re smart, you’ll use that scrap to test your stain… Me?  Well, let’s just say that I ended up doing this twice.  When will I learn?  I used a Q-tip to get into the drill holes.

See the bottom?


Step 6 – Hang and Style!!

Grab a buddy and your level.  Have them hold the shelf at your starting line, (level of course!) while you come in with the drill and screws.  My wall was not perfectly flat, so we just put on our big girl pants and used those muscles.  Drilling right into the studs means that this thang is solid… solid as a rock!!

Insert Happy Dance!!

You are amazing.  Nay, you are INVINCIBLE.  And, best of all, you are done!

DSCN3371 DSCN3337Want to elevate it?  How about a Yoda quote?  Did you notice that one?!

It’s pretty much a motto in this house.  Tough love, my friends.  (I guess it’s better than “If you’re not first, you’re last” though!!)

It may seem like a lot of steps, but this is totally doable!  Send photos pwwweeeaaassseee!!

Happy Creating!  Jessica


Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to drop a quick little note to say Happy Holidays to you all!

This year flew by… so much so that I wasn’t quite able to complete everything on my 2014 hit-list.  But not to worry, ’cause there’s always 2015!!

Here’s a small project that I did a few days before the kids got out of school that you can totally do too!  I found a broken frame at HomeGoods for $8 and turned it into a fun sign!

IMG_0025How cute is that?!  Well, the pool man liked it!

I just painted right over the old artwork…

DSCN3427Using this as my inspiration for the background… need to get all caught up in perfection because you’re going to write something over it.  I just love when I can have fun with a project and not stress about messing up!

Then I used metallic gold paint for the letters.  They really pop!  And it’s hard to tell here, but they shine.

IMG_0026All that was left was to glue the frame back together – Easy stuff peeps.

I love how it makes the front door so welcoming!

And (if it couldn’t get better) I was finally able to put that awesome easel to good use!  I found it about a year ago at a thrift store and just haven’t been able to find the right spot.  Phew, finally!  My $3 dollar investment paid off!!

Of course, you could also do this with a scrap piece of wood or even a sturdy piece of cardboard!

There’s still time for a Happy New Year sign!

I hope you all had a great Christmas, Hanukkah, Holiday, Day-off!  Enjoy those last few days of the dreamy music – I know I will!

Happy Creating!  Jessica


Santa Comes Early! Laundry Room Update

Hi All!!

There is an excitement here!!  Can you feel it?!?!  It’s the happiness of buying yourself something that you have wanted for a really, really long time in a bit of a snap buying decision.

It must be how conquistadors felt.

I saw.  I wanted.  I conquered.

Exhibit A, the new eye candy in MY laundry room!!!!


Gasp.  Beautiful, I know.  And if material things could bring joy, then my friends, I am the joyfulest being on the planet right now.  (insert slow tear coming from my eye.)

These are the LG Big Mama-jammas!  I bought them from Sears who installed them the VERY. NEXT. DAY.  Amazeballs.

Much more suitable for a mother of 4 (make that 5) testosterone fueled, dirty, stinky, XX chromosome creatures.  It’s like I have serious street cred now.

DSCN3414Take that laundry piles!!

The only one who’s sad is the small cart I built a few months ago that doesn’t fit anymore.

DSCN3418Don’t worry my friend!  We’ll find a new use for you… maybe… probably.

And since we’re dishing about the laundry room, here is the tile sans grout.

DSCN3417A charcoal grey is what I have planned to hide any dirt that’s likely to come from what goes down in here… with all the down and dirty cleaning, Lil Wayne style.  What!!

This choice didn’t get many votes, but I think it looks fabulous!  It’s a statement, but it could also go with a bunch of styles.

I was able to get the tile cut using a Dremel sawmax.  No need to rent!!  Yay!

DSCN3317I’m not sure I would recommend this for thick tiles, but this one was really thin (and actually one big reason why I picked it) so it worked great!

I also managed to add trim to the doors and paint them a black gloss from Benjamin Moore.  More on that later.

And the threshold got some MUCH needed TLC with some left over tiles I found cleaning up the garage.


DSCN3257Again I used the Dremel to take out the old tile along the tape line…

DSCN3259Using the Ardex concrete mix, I smoothed out the front and built it out.  I don’t want anymore tiles popping off!!

Here she is now…

DSCN3416I’ve still got a few touch ups and cleaning, but so much better, huh?!

I’m making progress, but there is still a few items on the to-do list.

-A light fixture.  I’ve pretty much decided that this one just can’t be forced.  I will know when I see it.  I just can’t pull the trigger on something sight unseen.

-Art and decor.  That wall is screaming for something fun!

-Hardware for the cabinets.  I’ve purchased a few things, but again, you can’t force perfection.

-Grout.  Like, duh.

-Possibly a wood top for the washer-dryer set… of course the light switch is right in the way, so we’ll see how to work around that.

Even with a list that long, I’m still feeling so happy with how it’s all coming together!

Any great purchases you made over the holiday??

Last year, I bought a new Dyson.  Love, love, love me some Dyson!  I’m definitely becoming a Black Friday Statistic.  You’re welcome Wall Street.

Tootles for now!!  Happy Creating!  Jessica